Florian Gerber - Florian Gerber

Florian Gerber at the Sempach slaughter ceremony 2008.

Florian Gerber (* 1989 ) [1] [2] is a Swiss right-wing extremist. He has been president of the right-wing extremist party Nationally Oriented Swiss (PNOS) since 2019 . [3] [4]


Origin and education

Florian Gerber grew up in Eastern Switzerland, including in Kalthäusern . Gerber has been a member of the Hammerskins since his youth . [2] Gerber is a milk technologist by profession. [1]


Gerber was temporarily president of the Glarus section of the PNOS, [5] but then moved to Lotzwil in the canton of Bern. [2] In the national party Gerber was youth representative and deputy party president. In 2019 he took over the party presidency from Dominic Lüthard . [2] [3] [4] In 2019, Gerber ran unsuccessfully for the Council of States in the canton of Bern. [7]


Gerber is the owner of the company behind the right-wing clothing brand "White Rex", which uses right-wing symbols to specifically advertise to customers in the field of right-wing martial arts events. [2] [3] [8]

Individual evidence

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