Florian Lindemann - Florian Lindemann

Florian Lindemann (born October 8, 1953 ; † August 7, 2011 in Frankfurt am Main ) was a German teacher and publicist .


The youngest son of the publicist Helmut Lindemann and Cornelie Lindemann, b. Volkmann, attended the Odenwald School (OSO) between 1969 and 1971 . In Frankfurt he was a co-founder of Karl Napps Chaos Theater . He was committed to children's rights and child protection and during the time of the red-green city government (1989–1995) in Frankfurt was chairman of the municipal “child care committee”. For a time he was managing director of the "Linden Foundation for Pre-School Education" established in 1972. [1]

In his book Die Sinti aus dem Ummenwinkel (1991), Lindemann describes the redevelopment of a social hotspot starting from preschool children. The special feature of the project is that private sponsors including the Lindenstiftung, the Child Protection Association, the parish together with the city of Ravensburg, especially the social welfare office and the schools, and with extensive involvement of those affected, have succeeded in decades of exclusion processes on the part of the majority population and demarcation from To break up sides of the minority. The book also describes the exclusion of residents who died in 1945 from concentration campsreturned and were pushed to a marginal place where they lived in barracks. The content of the book is also the documentation of the local persecution in the gypsy forced camp in Ravensburg during the time of National Socialism. Lindemann describes the Ummenwinkel project as a successful attempt at normalization. [2]

From 1989 to 1996 he was a board member of the Frankfurter Kinderschutzbund and became its district manager in 2003.

When Jörg Schindler reported in the Frankfurter Rundschau in November 1999 about the sexual assaults of teachers, especially Gerold Beckers , at the Odenwald School, which had become known at the time, Lindemann, as a spokesman for old school students, criticized the tendency of journalistic reporting in an unpublished letter to the editor. [3] In 2010, this behavior led to public criticism of his function in the Child Protection Association [4] and ultimately to his dismissal as managing director in order to prevent damage to the “brand image” of the Child Protection Association, according to the deputy chairman of the Frankfurt Child Protection Association, Ludwig Salgo. On the other hand, there was nothing wrong with Lindemann's work for the child protection association. [5] Compared to the news magazine Der Spiegel , Lindemann explained to his letter to the editor from 1999 that he had "not grasped the true extent of the catastrophe". At that time, "the focus was on self-protection, with the result: the victims were forgotten, the perpetrators were spared." [6]

Lindemann died on August 7, 2011 in Frankfurt am Main. The obituaries posted for him refer to a large number of political and educational associations and institutions that mourned him. [7] "He was involved in numerous youth and youth social work associations, in game room initiatives, childcare facilities and family centers, in the school development association and school parents' council," wrote the Amadeu Antonio Foundation in its obituary. [8] Lindemann died of a heart attack while jogging. [9]


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