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Florian Martens at the Berlinale 2008

Florian Martens (born December 27, 1958 in East Berlin ) is a German actor .


Origin and education

Florian Martens was born in East Berlin after Christmas 1958 as the illegitimate son of the actress Ingrid Rentsch and the actor Wolfgang Kieling , with whom Rentsch had a brief relationship. [1] [2] His mother later married the actor and director Hans-Joachim Martens , whose family name he uses. [2] Florian Martens' half-sister is the actress Susanne Uhlen . [1] [2]

Martens wanted to be a jockey as a child , because racing horses fascinated him from an early age . [2] He earned his first pocket money as an employee behind the betting box of the Berlin-Mariendorf harness racing track . [3] He also acquired a license for amateur race , but his height and his weight made his request unrealizable. [2] Therefore, he first completed an apprenticeship as a construction machinist [1] in Kirchmöser in Brandenburg and worked for five years as an excavator and bulldozer driver on assembly. [2] He also did hisMilitary service in the Navy . [2] Finally, at the age of 24, he made the decision to follow in his family's footsteps. [1] [2] His acting training was undertaken from 1983 to 1986 with diploma at the Academy of Dramatic Arts "Ernst Busch" in Berlin . [1] [2] In 1990 he received a firm commitment at the Volksbühne Berlin . [1] [2] He also played repeatedly in the comedy on Kurfürstendamm . [2]

Movie and TV

Florian Martens gave his film debut in 1986 in the GDR television in Bernd Böhlichs Literaturverfilmung The young Mr. Siegmund that on the published in 1796 narrative The two most remarkable days of Siegmund's life of Ludwig Tieck based. He took on the title role of the young, aspiring civil servant Siegmund, who applied for the position of a councilor in the residence and made the acquaintance of the enigmatic "joy girl" ( Dagmar Manzel ) in a roundabout way . [4] In the following period he was in several film and TV productions of DEFA and the DFFoccupied. He took over first roles in the series Tooth for a Tooth , popular in the GDR , The Public Prosecutor has the floor , Barefoot in bed and acting . In the last DEFA films before the fall of the Berlin Wall , such as Melanio's last love (1988; as an interrogator) or Green Wedding (1989; as a joke uncle), he was seen in supporting roles.

After the fall of the Wall , Martens was cast in various television films and various television crime series in leading and supporting roles. He has appeared in front of the camera several times for episodes of the crime series Polizeiruf 110 and Tatort .

For the Sat.1 production Natascha - Wettlauf mit dem Tod (1996) he worked again under the direction of Bernd Böhlich. Together with Julia Jäger, he played the bears, who refused chemotherapy to his daughter Natascha . [5] In the crime film Freier Fall (1997) he embodied, "psychologically tough", the role of Dr. Teichmann, a diabolical defender in a wheelchair . [6] it was established in 1998 along with his fellow actors for his local acting performance Christian Görlitz and Josef Bierbichler with theAdolf Grimme Prize awarded in gold. Dieter Wedel Martens cast multiple roles in his multi-part series. He was hired by Wedel for the five-part television thriller Der Schattenmann (1996), in which he embodies the role of Commissioner Jürgen Droegel, the head of the covert investigation by the eponymous "Shadowman" Karl Caesar 'Charly' Held ( Stefan Kurt ). It followed in 1998 with the six-part television drama The King of St. Pauli , where he played the transsexual Karin, as well as with the eight-part Sat.1 television series Die Unbrechliche , in which he and his colleague Maja Maranow appearedthe lawyer Thomas Rönnfeld gave [7] , renewed work with Dieter Wedel as a director and producer. In 2002 he was again under his direction in the six-part television series Die Affäre Semmeling in a supporting role as the reporter "Sudel Hans".

In the semi-documentary feature film The Officers' Hour , he was seen in the role of Albrecht Mertz von Quirnheim , a resistance fighter in the assassination attempt on July 20, 1944 , in 2003 . In the same year he played the NSDAP politician Heinrich Himmler in the three-part German docu-drama Speer und Er . In the Sat.1 television film Kiss me, comrade! (2007) he was the captain Pfefferkorn in 1974 and 2006. Under the direction of Matthias Tiefenbacher Martens took over at the side of Sabine Postelas dentist Martin Held one of the two leading roles in the family comedy Liebling, we have inherited! (2007). Martens also took part in numerous children's and youth productions. In the fairy tale film Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten , which was broadcast for the first time on ARD in January 2010 as part of the fairy tale series Six in One Stroke , he was seen alongside Gesine Cukrowski as his wife Martha in the role of the farmer Georg. In the KiKA crime series Alone Against Time, told in real time , he played Johann Bauer in the first season of 2010. In the Christmas TV movie Bagolomew and False Suspicionwith the fictional KiKA Christmas figure Beutolomäus he took on the role of the police officer Harald.

Since March 1994, Florian Martens has embodied in the ZDF crime series A strong team , Chief Detective Otto Garber, who speaks the Berlin dialect and whose black wool hat has become Martens' trademark [8] . He played up to the broadcast in January 2016 and the 64th episode Shattered dreams alongside Maja Maranow since the 65th result, he is next to Stefanie Stappenbeck seen as ermittelndes Kommissarenduo. In 1999 he and Maja Maranow received the Golden Gong for his portrayal in the episode Brown Eye . In 2010 he was awarded for the role of Otto GarberBavarian television award in the category "Best Actor in Series and Series". The jury praised Martens "fascinating intensity, almost self-evident credibility and consistent acting brilliance". [9]


Florian Martens was in a relationship with his colleague Maja Maranow for two years in the 1990s . [10] [11] [12] [13] Martens has two daughters (* 1993) and (* 2006), who emerged from two failed relationships. [14] [15]

He lives in Berlin and Brandenburg on the Krüpelsee . [14]

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