Florian Schleburg - Florian Schleburg

Florian Schleburg (* 1972 in Augsburg ) is a German English and linguist . He is Academic Senior Counselor at the Chair for English Linguistics at the University of Regensburg .

Florian Schleburg researches and teaches in the area of ​​the historical language levels of Old English and Middle English . His textbooks Textbook of Old English and The Chaucer's Language , which he wrote together with Wolfgang Obst, are used in many university seminars on Old and Middle English. Florian Schleburg has been chairman of the Karl May Society since 2019 .

Literary activity

Schleburg published the novel Glibber bis Gräzist ISBN 978-3-943048-37-7 in 2011 under the pseudonym "Siegfried Frieseke" . The book is very colorful in style and has a strong intertextual base and tells of the meeting of three dissimilar school friends 15 years after graduating from high school and saying goodbye to their youth. In its three-part structure, it is based on Dante's Divina Commedia ; further recognizable influences are Karl May and Arno Schmidt .

Scientific publications (selection)

  • with Wolfgang Obst: The language of Chaucer. A textbook of Middle English based on "Troilus and Criseyde". Second edition. Winter, Heidelberg 2010; ISBN 978-3-8253-5699-6
  • Old English swa. Syntax and semantics of a polyfunctional particle. Winter, Heidelberg 2002; ISBN 3-8253-1432-4 (zugl .: Augsburg, Univ., Dissertation, 2002)
  • with Wolfgang Obst: Textbook of Old English. Winter, Heidelberg 2004; ISBN 3-8253-1594-0
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  • Songs from King Alfred's Consolation Book: The staff rhymes of the old English Boethius translation . Translated, edited and given a metric name by Wolfgang Obst and Florian Schleburg. Heidelberg: University Press C. Winter, 1998. ISBN 3-8253-0761-1
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  • The connoisseur knows ... by no means ... that goes without saying ... Linguistic strategies of world and self-manipulation in old May. In: Yearbook of the Karl May Society 2013 , ed. by Claus Roxin, Florian Schleburg, Helmut Schmiedt, Hartmut Vollmer and Johannes Zeilinger. Husum: Hansa-Verlag, 2013, pp. 153–97.