Floridsdorfer Straße - Floridsdorfer Straße

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State road B226 in Austria
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Course of the B 226
Overall length: 4,4 km

State :


Course of the road
Junction Belt bridge 221
Locality Brigittenau
Junction Klosterneuburger Strasse B14
flow Floridsdorf Bridge
Junction (6) Floridsdorf Bridge A22 E49 E59
Locality Floridsdorf
Junction Prague street A22
Junction Danube Street B3

The Floridsdorfer road B226 is a main road B and former federal road in Vienna . It connects the districts of Brigittenau and Floridsdorf over the Floridsdorfer bridge . In addition to the route over the northern bridge , it creates the second connection between the Wiener Gürtel (B221) and Brünner Straße (B7). Since the north bridge has been subject to a vignette or toll since 2002, it is often used as an alternative route.


The B226 begins at the Gürtelbrücke as a direct extension of Wiener Gürtel Straße (B221) and follows Adalbert-Stifter-Straße to Friedrich-Engels-Platz . It then crosses the Danube in the course of the Floridsdorfer Bridge and follows the Floridsdorfer Hauptstraße to Am Spitz , the center of Floridsdorf. The last section leads along Prager Straße to the intersection with Katsushikastraße, where the street name changes to B3 .


The Floridsdorfer road was by the Federal Law of 14 June 1978 in the network of federal roads in Austria added. [1]

Individual evidence

  1. Federal Act of June 14, 1978, with which the Federal Roads Act 1971 is changed. Federal Law Gazette No. 294/1978.
B226 Like the other former federal highways, Floridsdorfer Straße was part of the federal administration. Since April 1, 2002, it has been under state administration and continues to have the B in the number, but not the name Bundesstraße.