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Flotherm is a 3D simulation software for the thermal analysis of electronic devices. The program uses the method of computational fluid dynamics ( in English: "Computational Fluid Dynamics, CFD abbreviation ' ) for calculation of air flows, temperatures and heat transfer processes in electronic components , printed circuit boards and in complete devices.

The first program version was brought onto the market in September 1989 by the Flomerics company. The developers were David Tatchell and Harvey Rosten, who founded the company in England in 1988. Tatchell was CEO until 2006 and Rosten headed development until 1997. Flomerics' second product, FloVENT, was launched in 1990. It is used to simulate the building air conditioning ( English: Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning, abbreviation HVAC ). In 1995 the Flomerics company went public in London. In 2008 the Flomerics Group PLC was taken over by the Mentor Graphics company in the newly founded Mechanical Analysis Division [1]who has since sold the software worldwide.


Flotherm is used z. B. in the computer and telecommunications industry, with the manufacturers of semiconductor components, medical devices, components for aerospace, defense and transportation systems, in the automotive sector and in consumer electronics.

Special features

CAD / EDA-Integration

FloTHERM can take over data from common CAD and EDA programs.

Competitive products

Individual evidence

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