Flight in danger - Flug in Gefahr

Original title Flight in danger
Country of production Germany
original language Deutsch
Publishing year 1964
Long 70 minutes
Director Theo Mezger
script Theo Mezger,
Werner Sommer
production Werner Sommer
music Dave Hildinger
Camera Rolf Ammon
cut Guntram von Ehrenstein

On board the aircraft:

Im Tower:


Flight in Danger is a TV film made by SDR Stuttgart in 1964 . It is a remake of a material by the author Arthur Hailey , which was published as Flight into Danger in 1956 and as Zero Hour! In 1957 . had been implemented on film. The translation into German was done by Irene Dodel and Horst van Diemen .


George Spencer urgently needs to travel from Winnipeg to Vancouver on business , but unfortunately the scheduled flight is fully booked. Fortunately, he still finds space in a charter plane of the (fictional) charter airline Maple Leaf Air , which immediately sets off on its five-hour night flight in a DC-4 . When dinner is served, he and the person sitting next to him, the doctor Dr. Frank Baird the lamb and not the alternative halibut. Many who have chosen fish complain of stomach pain and nausea 2 hours later. As the only doctor on board, Dr. Baird suffered dangerous fish poisoning, but cannot help therapeutically. It turns out that the pilot and co-pilot also ate the fish, they pass out a little later. The only one on board who could possibly still fly and land the heavy four-engine aircraft is George Spencer himself. However, he only flew single-engine fighters during the war and even that was more than 10 years ago. Out of necessity, Spencer takes over the task of flying the aircraft and establishes radio contact with air traffic control in Vancouver. The experienced aircraft pilot Captain Treleaven is called into the tower and takes over the task of instructing Spencer in the operation of the large machine via radio. Stewardess Janet gets the job of the co-pilotassigned and to operate the radio. After familiarizing yourself with the functionality and the clumsy behavior of the aircraft, the landing approach begins . Treleaven explains and implements the necessary landing measures in detail. Gradually he gets a feel for the machine. In the end, he succeeds in placing the machine on the runway of the airport in Vancouver and bringing it to a standstill despite the skidding. No passenger is harmed. Captain Treleaven on the radio: "That was probably the most miserable landing since this airport was founded. But, anyway, - here are some people who would like to shake hands with you".


  • Willy Semmelrogge , who plays the role of a passenger who does not eat poisoned fish, died in 1984 of fish poisoning.
  • The DC-4 used in the film had the registration number HB-ILU on its fuselage and at that time belonged to the Swiss charter airline Balair .
  • Arthur Hailey's 1958 novel is based on the 1956 Canadian television film Flight into Danger [1] , which he wrote the screenplay for, and which was remake in 1957 with the title Zero Hour! (714 does not answer) [2] was produced in the USA as a movie. Arthur Hailey wrote the script for this too.
  • In the children's radio play series Benjamin Blümchen , the eponym of the series is given the task of landing an airplane with help from the tower. Here, too, the actual pilots failed due to food poisoning.

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