Anti-aircraft missile group 22 - Flugabwehrraketengruppe 22

Bandage swapping
Three erected Nike Hercules missiles in the launch area of ​​the 1st battery of Air Defense Missile Battalion 22 (recorded in 1980)

The anti-aircraft missile group 22 (FlaRakGrp 22) at Penzing Air Base was an anti-aircraft missile group of the German Air Force from 1960 to 1988 . It was subordinate to the anti-aircraft missile squadron 5 in Manching. The last four combat squadrons operated the ground-based long-range anti-aircraft missile system MIM-104 Patriot , which can be used to defend against aircraft , cruise missiles and tactical medium-range ballistic missiles .

Anti-aircraft missile battalion 22

On April 1, 1960, the anti-aircraft missile battalion 22 was set up in Wahn ( air base ) . At the same time the II./FlaVsuRgt, 5th Bttr Wahn / Rhld. - Advance personnel FlaRakBtl 22 - dissolved. On December 20, 1960, the association moved the 2nd and 3rd batteries to the camp-Stegskopf position ( Daaden military training area ) and was placed under the 13th anti-aircraft regiment. In October 1967 the supply battery is installed. From 1968 the battalion is subordinated to the anti-aircraft missile regiment 2 . On February 19, 1969, the company moved to the newly built Siegerland barracks in Burbach (Lipper-Höhe), equipped with the anti-aircraft weapons system that can be equipped with nuclear weaponsMIM-14 Nike Hercules . On September 30, 1988, the anti-aircraft missile battalion 22 in Burbach was disbanded.

Dislocation of the batteries of the FlaRakBtl 22:

Commanders of the FlaRakBtl 22
Period commander
1960–1962 Lieutenant Colonel Frank Otto
1962–1966 Lieutenant Colonel Georg Overkamp
1966–1968 Lieutenant Colonel Horst Heyder
1968–1971 Lieutenant Colonel Karl August Klaus
1971–1972 Lieutenant Colonel Ullrich Nickel
1974–1978 Lieutenant Colonel Erik von Lüder
1978–1980 Oberstleutnant Peter Lahl
1980–1985 Lieutenant Colonel Hans-Jochen Lüdeke
1985–1987 Lieutenant Colonel Erich Kiesenbauer
1987–1988 Lieutenant Colonel Lutz Thrush

Anti-aircraft missile squadron 22 and anti-aircraft missile group 22

German PATRIOT starting device at the Hanse-Sail in Rostock

The anti-aircraft missile squadron 22, which was newly established on October 1, 1988, emerges from the anti-aircraft missile battalion 22 and is subordinate to anti-aircraft missile command 4 . From October 1989 Penzing becomes the new location of FlaRakG 22 and the subordination to the anti-aircraft rocket command 6 (renamed in 1993 to anti-aircraft rocket squadron 6).

The anti-aircraft missile group 22 were subordinate to six squadrons , four of which operated the ground-based long-range anti-aircraft missile system MIM-104 Patriot. Furthermore, a staff relay and a supply relay were subordinate to the group. In addition, the association had peace training dual positions (FADS) Lechfeld Nord and Dornstetten , where the parts of the combat squadrons performed their daily duty.

In April 1991, the anti-aircraft missile squadron 22 received the first takeover of the MIM-104 Patriot weapon system . On January 1, 1993, the association was renamed the anti-aircraft missile group 22 (FlaRakGrp 22).

The 6th season in Kaufbeuren was dissolved on June 30, 2002. On July 1, 2002, the subordination took place from the dissolved Air Defense Missile Squadron 6 in Lenggries to Air Defense Missile Squadron 5 in Erding . Since January 1, 2003, the anti-aircraft missile group 22 belongs to the Association of High Readiness Forces . The 5th season in Kaufbeuren was dissolved on June 30, 2004 and the location there was given up.

At the beginning of 2005, the conversion of all Patriot weapon systems to the latest configuration status Config 3 was completed. In the period from June 20 to July 1, 2005, the first operational review (OPEVAL) of a Patriot Config 3 unit by NATO took place, including the NATO Response Force certification.

In January 2013, the anti-aircraft missile group 22 was dissolved together with the anti-aircraft missile group 23 and the superordinate anti-aircraft missile squadron 5 . [1]

The FlaRakG 22 was deployed as follows:

Commanders of FlaRakG 22 and FlaRakGrp 22
Period commander
1988–1989 Colonel Lutz Thrush
1989–1992 Colonel Hillrich von der Felsen
1992–1993 Lieutenant Colonel Gerd Lachmann
1993–1996 Lieutenant Colonel Jürgen Lorenz
1996–1999 Lieutenant Colonel Klaus Habersetzer
1999–2002 Lieutenant Colonel Gernot Kopf
2002–2003 Lieutenant Colonel Hubertus Olschowy
2003–2005 Lieutenant Colonel Jörg Apel
2005–2008 Lieutenant Colonel Ingo Kresser
2008–2010 Lieutenant Colonel Uwe Bergmann
2010–2012 Lieutenant Colonel Stephan Pillmeier


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