Flight model and technology - Flugmodell und Technik

Flight model and technology

description German-language trade journal for model aircraft construction
Area of ​​Expertise Modellbau
language Deutsch
Verlag Publishing house for technology and craft new media
Headquarters Baden-Baden
First edition 1952
Frequency of publication per month
Weblink www.fmt-rc.de
ISSN (Print)

The Flugmodell und Technik ( FMT ) is a monthly German-language trade journal for model aircraft. It is published by the Verlag für Technik und Handwerk neue Medien (VTH) in Baden-Baden and describes itself as the most traditional model making magazine in Europe.


The first edition of the FMT was created in 1952 as Modell-Technik und Sport , published by Alfred Ledertheil. His publishing house for technology and craft , founded in 1946, was in Augsburg at the time. The publication and number of magazines were not based on a fixed schedule, but on the difficult availability of paper in post-war Germany. By 1954, Alfred Ledertheil had published a total of eight editions. It was not until 1955 that the publication was published regularly, initially with six magazines a year.

In the 1950s and 1960s, DIY was the main way to get a flight model. This resulted in the content orientation of the still young magazine: tips and tricks for building model aircraft. A unique selling point of FMT that is still valid today is the construction plan for the replica of a flight model, which has been included since the first issue.

In 1956 the publishing house and with it Modell-Technik und Sport moved from Augsburg to Baden-Baden. With the January 1957 issue (sequence number 21) the magazine was renamed Flug + modell-technik . The abbreviation FMT did not develop in parlance until years later. And although the term flight was now explicitly on the title, there were always reports about model ships and other model-making sectors for which there was no magazine of their own. With the creation of its own specialist magazines for the other model making sectors, FMT concentrated exclusively on aircraft model making from the 1970s. In 1978 Alfred Ledertheil sold the VTH to theEgmont- Verlag, who later sold it to the newspaper group WAZ (today Funke Mediengruppe ).

In 2012 the publisher went to a private investor group with FMT and traded under the name of Verlag für Technik und Handwerk neue Medien . The Baden-Baden publishing house celebrated its 70th anniversary and the 65th anniversary of FMT with a ceremony in 2016 .


FMT magazine covers all areas of model aircraft construction with motorized flight, glider flight, foams, jets and copters. Innovations are currently being researched and presented, products are being tested and the competition scene is being accompanied by reports. Traditionally, practical building topics take up a lot of space, with workshops, portraits of special self-builds and articles that accompany the monthly building plan annex. The FMT is flanked by special issues, a specialist book and with over 2500 plans in a construction plan program.

In parallel to its construction plans, the publisher offers sets of milled parts and model aircraft kits. FMT magazine is available in printed form directly from the publisher, in train station bookshops, at kiosks and digitally on various platforms. The magazine's target group is all aircraft model builders, from beginners to experts.

Together with partners from industry, the FMT is intensively involved in promoting young people.