Bohmte-Bad Essen airfield - Flugplatz Bohmte-Bad Essen

Bohmte-Bad Essen airfield
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° 21 52 '8 " N , 8 ° 19' 57" O Koordinaten: 52 ° 21 '8 " N , 8 ° 19' 57" O

Height above MSL 46 m (151 ft)
Transport links
Distance from the city center 1.5 km southeast of Bohmte
operator Luftsportverein Wittlage eV
Start-and runway
10/28 580 m × 30 m Gras

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The airfield Bohmte-Bad Essen is a special airfield in Lower Saxony near Bohmte and Bad Essen .
Mostly gliders take off and land here. In addition, the airfield is used by amateur pilots with small powered aircraft. Traditionally, an airfield festival takes place on May 1st every year. On this occasion, sightseeing flights in airplanes and helicopters are offered. Many private pilots use the festival to present their machines to the public and to take passengers on a sightseeing flight.


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