Donaueschingen-Villingen airfield - Flugplatz Donaueschingen-Villingen

Donaueschingen-Villingen airfield
Donaueschingen-Villingen (Baden-Wuerttemberg)

° 58 47 '24 " N , 8 ° 31' 20" O Koordinaten: 47 ° 58 '24 " N , 8 ° 31' 20" O

Height above MSL 680 m (2231 ft)
Transport links
Distance from the city center 3 km northeast of Donaueschingen
opening 1959
operator Airfield Donaueschingen GmbH
area 71 ha
Start-and runway
18/36 1290 m × 30 m Asphalt

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The airfield Donaueschingen-Villingen is located northeast of the Baden-Württemberg town of Donaueschingen .

The airfield is used by helicopters of the federal police , modern jets and turboprops as well as by glider, ultralight, motor and charter aircraft. At the same time, it is used for customs clearance for flights from, for example, Switzerland. The airfield is sponsored by the cities of Donaueschingen and Villingen-Schwenningen , the administrative districts of Schwarzwald-Baar and Tuttlingen , the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Princely Fürstenberg Administration .


The Donaueschingen-Villingen airfield was opened in 1959 at Weiherhof on Bundesstrasse 27/33 and is operated by the Donaueschingen-Villingen GmbH airfieldoperated and has around 27,500 take-offs and landings per year. In 1960, the landing site received approval to function as a customs airport. A safety upgrade was carried out between 1982 and 1984: The runway was extended by 400 m to a total of 1290 m and widened from 20 m to 30 m and now measures 1290 × 30 meters (18/36). Instrument flight operations were introduced in 2003. In the east of the field there is a glider airfield, which was relocated to there in 1987, with a paved rope path and an approx. 730 × 30 meter (18/36) long grass runway, which is mainly used by the glider division of the Schwarzwald-Baar air sports association. The airfield is required to operate. It is therefore open from 6 a.m. UTC to 6.30 p.m. UTC or SS in summer,

The airfield can be used by aircraft up to 5.7 t in weight, up to 12 t PPR are possible.


The airfield is mainly used by civil aviation. There is a flight school and a helicopter school.


The Stuttgarter Flugdienst GmbH offers charter flights with jets and turboprops from Donaueschingen to 1,800 destinations in Europe. Another company on site offers charter flights for business travelers. Helicopter charter and sightseeing flights are also offered.


The Luftsportvereinigung Schwarzwald-Baar eV has over 140 members and maintains a glider airfield, five gliders, a motorized airplane, a motor glider, three microlights, two hangars, launch equipment and a clubhouse with an adjacent workshop.

Technical facilities

The airfield has runway, approach and taxiway lighting. An instrument approach procedure based on GPS is available in the main landing direction 36, and a precision glide slope lighting system ( PAPI ) is also installed. There is also a petrol station where JET A1 and Avgas 100 LL are available.