Kempten-Durach airfield - Flugplatz Kempten-Durach

Kempten-Durach airfield

° 41 47 '32 " N , 10 ° 20' 17" O Koordinaten: 47 ° 41 '32 " N , 10 ° 20' 17" O

Height above MSL 713 m (2339 ft)
Transport links
Distance from the city center 0.5 km southwest of Durach ,
2.5 km south of Kempten
road Weidacher Strasse
opening 1935
operator Landeplatzgesellschaft mbH
Terminals 1
07/25 850 m × 30 m Gras
17/35 900 m × 30 m Gras


i11 i13

The Kempten-Durach airfield is a commercial airfield in Durach near Kempten (Allgäu) . It is the second southernmost and, at 712 meters above sea ​​level, the highest of its kind in Germany. [1]

Flight operations

The airfield is approved for powered aircraft , powered gliders , microlight aircraft , gliders , airships , parachutists and helicopters up to 3000 kg. A number of training, instruction and cross-country flights as well as aircraft tow are operated on site. There are no scheduled or charter flights.


Attempts to build an airfield in Durach go back to the 1920s. There was a meeting on the subject for the first time in 1926. After that, the employment office organized a course in glider building. In May 1932 the first take-off took place at Ludwigshöhe, which has nothing in common with today's airfield in terms of location. In the meantime, on the initiative of Otto Merkt, the area around Kempten was inspected and an area between Lake Öschlesee and Durach was recommended as a location for a new airfield. The impetus for this was provided by a farmer who sold his land to the city of Kempten in 1934. In 1934 a hall was built on the site, and in the same year a tow plow was installedinstead of. Additional land purchases resulted in an airfield with the size of 30 hectares . A year later, the air office in Munich confirmed the registration of the private landing site. [1] Merkt's wish to set up a long-distance airport so that a "Berliner flies to Durach by plane on Saturday morning, spends Saturday and Sunday in the mountains and is back in Berlin on Monday noon" was never realized. [1]

In 1935 the Kempten airfield was owned by the Luftwaffe , soon halls and the tower were built. During the Nazi era , the airfield was used as a landing site by non-resident sport pilots and students from Sonthofen Ordensburg . After the war, the flight was commissioned in 1950 and the Kempten air sports group was also founded. In 1955, the Free State released the space for powered aircraft. In 1959 the square received the new tower. In 1986, 22 machines and their accessories were destroyed by a donated fire along with the hangar. In 1988 a customs clearance was set up at the square. [1]

On June 3, 2000, the Antenne Bayern summer festival with around 50,000 visitors took place on the airfield site. In 2010 the airfield celebrated its 75th anniversary. [2]


Some scenes from the film Quax, the Bruchpilot with Heinz Rühmann were shot on the airfield . Quax was also filmed in Africa at the Kempten-Durach airfield.


The rescue helicopter Christoph 17 has been stationed at Durach airfield since May 1, 2012, as the previous hangar at the Kempten Clinic had to give way to an extension and since then no permanent location has been found. In December 2018, a new hangar for the Christoph 17 rescue helicopter was put into operation at the southern end of the Kempten-Durach airfield. This was preceded by extensive assessments regarding noise etc. [3]


Individual evidence

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