Kulmbach airfield - Flugplatz Kulmbach

Kulmbach airfield
Kulmbach (Bavaria)

° 8 50 '10 " N , 11 ° 27' 52" O Koordinaten: 50 ° 8 '10 " N , 11 ° 27' 52" O

Height above MSL 506 m (1660 ft)
Transport links
Distance from the city center 1.6 km northeast of Kulmbach
operator Flugplatz GmbH Kulmbach-Stadtsteinach-Kronach
Start-and runway
09/27 719 m × 30 m Asphalt


i11 i13


The Kulmbach airfield is located north of the city of Kulmbach .

The favorable geographical location offers excellent entry opportunities, especially for gliding , in the cross-country flight options of the adjacent low mountain range, especially the Franconian Forest , Thuringian Forest , Fichtel Mountains and Franconian Alb , but also into the Ore Mountains , Upper Palatinate and Bavarian Forest and the Swabian Alb . The airfield is home to several glider clubs in the region.

Year-round flight operations are possible from Kulmbach. The airfield adjoins a forest area and has a high recreational value in the center of Upper Franconia. Motorized flight, glider flight, motor glider flight and microlight flight are operated at the Kulmbach airfield .


  • In August 2014, an Ikarus C42 B two-seat ultralight aircraft crashed while approaching Kulmbach and caught fire, killing the pilot. The autopsy of the corpse revealed that it was under the influence of several psychotropic drugs because of psychological problems and therefore should not have been allowed to fly. [1] [2]
  • A single-engine biplane launched on September 20, 2020 at the Kulmbach airfield crashed a little later on a horse paddock between Poppenholz and field book . The aircraft was totally destroyed and the pilot was fatally injured. [3] [4]


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