Riesa-Göhlis airfield - Flugplatz Riesa-Göhlis

Riesa-Göhlis airfield
Riesa-Göhlis Tower.jpg

° 17 51 '59 " N , 13 ° 21' 43" O Koordinaten: 51 ° 17 '59 " N , 13 ° 21' 43" O

Height above MSL 98 m (322 ft)
Transport links
Distance from the city center 2 km east of Riesa
road Leutewitzer Strasse
opening 1924
operator Air Park Riesa UG
12/30 1000 m × 23 m Asphalt
12/30 600 m × 30 m Gras

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Riesa, airfield, aerial photo (2017)

The airfield Riesa-Göhlis is about two kilometers east of the center of Riesa in Saxony situated airfield . It has a 1000 m long asphalt runway and a 600 m long grass runway. Both tracks have an orientation of 300 ° / 120 ° and are directly behind one another.

The airfield is designed for helicopters, microlight aircraft, balloons and airplanes up to a maximum weight of 5700 kg. Aircraft with a maximum permissible weight of more than 5700 kg require a special permit from the Aviation Office of Saxony. Skydiving is also possible at the airfield.

A special feature of the airfield is that there is a public road (Leutewitzer Straße) between the airfield and the runways. Aircraft must always cross these at an automatic traffic light intersection.

Directly on the airfield there is a restaurant, the local Fliegerklub Riesa e. V. and the flight school of the UL-Flugzentrum Riesa.