Zerbst Airfield - Flugplatz Zerbst

Zerbst Airfield
Zerbst (Saxony-Anhalt)

° 0 52 '0 " N , 12 ° 8' 44" O Koordinaten: 52 ° 0 '0 " N , 12 ° 8' 44" O

Height above MSL 88 m (289 ft)
Transport links
Distance from the city center 6 km northeast of Zerbst / Anhalt
road L 57
opening 1936
operator Luftsportverein Zerbst e. V.
07L / 25R 750 m × 30 m Concrete
07R / 25L 750 m × 30 m Gras


i11 i13


The airfield Zerbst is a special airfield and former military airfield in the district of Anhalt-Bitterfeld in Saxony-Anhalt . It is located about six kilometers northeast of Zerbst .


The Zerbst military airfield was built in 1936. In addition to supply and operating buildings, two slopes, each 1,280 meters long, were laid out. The Jagdfliegerschule 2 , the Kampfgeschwader 54 and the close reconnaissance group 1 were stationed on the field. Furthermore, the REIMAHG had a branch here. From 1944 the Jagdgeschwader 54 was partially equipped with Messerschmitt Me 262s , which started operations from Zerbst until April 1945.

After the Second World War , the Red Army occupied the square and expanded it further. In addition to a 2,400 meter long and 60 meter wide runway, hangars , assembly halls and accommodation were built. Up to 10,000 people lived in the attached military town during the Soviet period . The 126th Fighter Division of the 16th Air Army was stationed on the site until 1992 .


The area has been used as a civilian special airfield since 1992 and has been operated by the Zerbst air sports club since 1999 [1] . In 2011, around a third of the site area was converted into a solar park. A biogas refinery was added in 2014 . [2]

The course has a concrete and a grass runway, each 750 meters long and 30 meters wide. It is approved for gliders , motor gliders , microlight aircraft , powered aircraft and helicopters with a maximum take-off weight of up to 5.7 tons. The grass runway is limited to a maximum take-off weight of two tons. Airship , balloon and model aircraft traffic as well as parachuting can also take place on the square . [3]

In addition to the Zerbst air sports club, the Zerbst parachute sports club and the model aircraft sports and leisure club Zerbst are located at the airfield. [1]



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