Rust film - Flugrost

Flash rust on a chrome tube
The same pipe after cleaning

According to DIN 50 900, Part 1 (title: Terms of corrosion), flash rust refers to the onset of corrosion of iron or steel . [1]

The term rust film goes back to fine iron dust that rusts in the air and is deposited on objects. For example, they were created on the braking system of old railways. Metal parts around the dust source look rusted, although only the surface is covered with rust dust. Simply wiping off the dust is enough to remove rust.

In professional circles and normatively, rust film is referred to as a thin layer of rust on steel surfaces that forms very quickly after blasting. It is not possible to simply wipe it off to remove rust. In order to prepare the substrate correctly (e.g. before applying a coating), radiation with hard abrasive material is required.

Colloquially, flash rust usually means a layer of rust on a surface that can be easily cleaned off. For example, extensive rust stains appear on a damaged chrome coating . The sheet steel underneath rusts in exposed areas , while the rust spreads over the chrome surface.


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