Air accident involving a Lockheed L-188 Electra of the SAHSA - Flugunfall einer Lockheed L-188 Electra der SAHSA

Air accident involving a Lockheed L-188 Electra of the SAHSA
Lockheed L-188A HR-SAV SAHSA MIA 18.07.76 edited-2.jpg

The sister machine HR-SAV

Accident summary
Accident type Loss of control after engine failure
place Guatemala City ,
GuatemalaGuatemala Guatemala
date January 8, 1981
Fatalities 6
Survivors 0
Injured on the ground 38
Aircraft type United States 48United States Lockheed L-188 Electra
operator HondurasHonduras SAHSA
Mark HondurasHonduras HR-SAW
Departure airport La Aurora Airport , Guatemala City ,
GuatemalaGuatemala Guatemala
Destination airport Tegucigalpa Airport ,
HondurasHonduras Honduras
Passengers 0
crew 6
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The air accident of a Lockheed L-188 Electra of Sahsa occurred on January 8, 1981. A Lockheed L-188 Electra airline Sahsa from Honduras, with an international positioning flight from Guatemala City to Tegucigalpa was flown, fell on that day in the Initial climb out of control and crashed into a residential area in downtown Guatemala City. Only the six crew members were killed in the accident. Although the machine crashed in the urban area of ​​the capital of Guatemala , there were no fatalities on the ground.


The aircraft was a Lockheed L-188 Electra with factory number 1018 , which was finally assembled at the Lockheed factory in 1958 . The machine completed its first flight on November 11, 1958. It was delivered to Eastern Air Lines on December 16, 1958 , where it was put into service with the aircraft registration number N5513 and fleet number 513 . On April 6, 1970, the machine was leased to the Taiwanese Winner Airways and was with this with the registration number B-3075in operation. The machine came on June 16, 1970, the Eastern Airlines back that they put out of service in December 1970 and then sold it to the Sahsa, which in turn the machine on 9 December 1970 as HR SAW and the name Copan Galel took into operation . The four-engine aircraft was equipped with 102 seats and four turboprop engines of the type Allison 501-D13A equipped.


Since it was a positioning flight and previously all passengers had disembarked due to a technical defect, there was only a six-person crew on board the machine.

the accident

Before the start from Guatemala City to Tegucigalpa , one of the engines and a generator failed. The passengers disembarked and the captain decided to fly the machine with only three working engines to Tegucigalpa for repairs. Less than a minute after take-off, the pilots reported a critical situation in the initial climb and asked for clearance to return immediately. During one final turn the machine lost altitude. She fell in a residential area 1,500 meters from the airport and went up in flames. All six inmates were killed and 38 people injured on the ground. The plane and several houses were destroyed.


It was found that a second generator failed in the initial climb for unknown reasons. Due to insufficient performance, the hydraulic pressure fell below the minimum. In addition, the airspeed decreased and it came to stall . The fact that the aircraft was not properly trimmed for takeoff was seen as a contributing factor.