Plane crash on Biferten - Flugzeugabsturz am Biferten

Plane crash on Biferten
Accident summary
Accident type CFIT
place Glarus Alps , Switzerland
date July 24, 1966
Fatalities 3
Survivors 0
Injured 0
Aircraft type Piper PA-18
operator Swiss Air Rescue
Departure airport Mollis military airfield
Destination airport Hüfigletscher
Passengers 2
crew 1
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The plane crash on Biferten occurred on July 24, 1966 in the Glarus Alps .


On the occasion of the renovation of the high-alpine Planura hut of the Swiss Alpine Club , members of the Näfels rescue team did hard work. The mountain pilot Rolf Fumasoli made himself available to carry out transports from Mollis to the Hüfigletscher near the hut with a Piper PA-18 from the Swiss Air Rescue Service .

The HB-OLB aircraft with two passengers took off from Mollis at 2:15 p.m. and crashed into a rock face between the Bifertenstock and the Tödi at an altitude of 3200 m . After sliding off the steep face, the wreck came to lie around 600 meters lower on the Bifertenfirn below and was covered with snow by an avalanche triggered by this fall . All three aircraft occupants died in an accident.

After two days of searching under difficult weather conditions in a 3000 km 2 search area, the wreck was located by an Alouette III army helicopter at this point that did not correspond to the direct route. Only one sleeve of a red jacket had been seen instead of an entire wreck. However, the Piper pilot had already flown on this route on the first flight of the unlucky day because of the weather.

The presence of a second passenger in the accident machine was not permitted; it is not known whether this fact contributed to the accident. A downdraft was mentioned as a possible cause , as is usual with a mountain ridge when there is wind.


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