Republic F-84 plane crash in Darmstadt - Flugzeugabsturz einer Republic F-84 in Darmstadt

Republic F-84 plane crash in Darmstadt

An identical aircraft from the same squadron, photo from 1951

Accident summary
Accident type crash
place Darmstadt ,
Rheinstrasse 322 Coordinates: 49 ° 51 '57 " N , 8 ° 36' 10.1" E
date March 11, 1952
Fatalities 1
Fatalities on the ground 2
Aircraft type Republic F-84E
operator United States Air Force, 36th Fighter Bomber Wing
Mark 49-2313
Departure airport Fürstenfeldbruck
crew 1
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On March 11, 1952, three people were killed in a plane crash in Darmstadt .

Course of events

A squadron of the Republic F-84 jet fighter of the US Air Force took off on March 11, 1952 at the Fürstenfeldbruck airfield on a flight towards Darmstadt. One of the machines swerved out of the bandage and fell down in a left turn. The sound of the crashing machine caused many people present to take cover. The aircraft crossed the high-voltage line and the Tann settlement from a south-easterly direction at low altitude. The machine pulled a plume of smoke behind it.

The pilot Robert F. Thorton catapulted himself out of the crashing machine with the ejection seat . Approx. The pilot hit the Lengefeld lane one kilometer from the plane crash site . He was fatally injured in the process. Probably his parachute had n't opened.

The plane hit the property at Rheinstrasse 322 in the Tann settlement at 10:36 am and exploded immediately. A coach house and the garden of the property were destroyed. There was rubble on Bundesstraße 26 Rheinstraße , about 50 meters away , and the overhead tram line had been torn down. Debris from the crashed machine was found up to about 600 meters away.

The 54-year-old postal inspector Alfred Langohr was killed on the ground. The Griesheim wood cutter August Meyer, who was also present, suffered life-threatening head injuries and severe burns and died a few days later from the injuries he had suffered. The cause of the accident is not known. [1]


Individual evidence

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