FM Santa Maria de las Misiones - FM Santa María de las Misiones

FM Santa Maria de las Misiones
Location Posadas ,
province of Misiones
Broadcasting area Posadas ,
Misiones province
Argentina Argentina's flag,
Encarnacion ,
Paraguay Paraguay flag
Slogan Pure sound
Frequency 89.3 MHz on FM
First broadcast June 6, 1994
Format pop music in English and Spanish, national , Latin and international music, retro .
Language Español
Indicative LRH393
Owner Marlene Wipplinger
Webcast Webcast of FM Santa María de las Misiones

FM Santa María de las Misiones is an Argentine radio station [ 1 ] that is transmitted through the modulated frequency of 89.3 MHz and over the internet, [ 2 ] from Corrientes 2434 avenue in the center of the city of Posadas ( province of Misiones ).

The station was created in June 1994 and its objective is the diffusion and promotion of national and international music of very diverse styles, such as rock and pop .

Most of the artists promoted on this radio belong to the alternative scene of Argentine music. In addition to a continuous streaming stream of music in Spanish, the station regularly broadcasts with topics ranging from interviews, reports and current events. It is one of the first Internet radio stations in the province of Misiones to offer a radio branch, that is, a choice between various channels. [ citation required ]

It was founded by Alberto Selva in 1994. Since the 1990s, the radio has been owned by Marlene Wipplinger.

Its slogan is "Pure Sound" and its artistic producer is Juan Zelaya. [ 3 ] [ 4 ]


The main live programming, which was the winner of multiple awards at the provincial and national level, [ citation needed ] begins Monday through Friday at 7:00 am and until noon with the music of the experienced DJ Nikhy Zalazar.

In the afternoon, from 4 to 7 pm, De todo un poco y algo más , [ 5 ] with the conduction and music of the announcer Omar Pereyra and the artistic production and technical operation of Juan Zelaya.

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