Folk in the courtyard - Folk im Schlosshof

Indijana & The Jones (D) at the Folk im Schlosshof 2009
Bleeding Hearts (GB) at Folk im Schlosshof 2009
Brogues (D) at Folk im Schlosshof 2009

Folk im Schlosshof was a folk festival that took place annually from 2001 to 2012 in Bonfeld , a district of Bad Rappenau . The organizers were the sports club Bonfeld and the sponsoring association of the sports club Bonfeld. The Bonfeld castle park on the site of the former lower castle and parts of the dairy farm in the upper castle were used as the venue. The festival quickly developed into the largest Irish folk festival in southern Germany and one of the most important in German-speaking countries. After there was no more festival in 2013, the Blacksheep cultural initiative has been in place since 2014the Bonfeld festival tradition in the castle courtyard continues in a slightly different framework and with a broader musical spectrum with the Blacksheep Festival .

History of the festival

In 2001 the festival began with a day of events. In 2003 it was extended to two days and in 2005 a session with musicians from the bands and musicians from the audience was added on Thursday. In the following years this session was preceded by appearances, so that the festival lasted three full days. The festival program included international greats from the folk scene such as the Battlefield Band and Capercaillie from Scotland, the Levellers and the Oysterband from England, Dervish from Ireland, Enter the Haggis from Canada, and folk bands known throughout Germany such as Fiddler's Green or Paddy Goes To Holyhead as well as local groups.

The organizers gave up the festival in 2012 for personnel reasons. [1] The Blacksheep cultural initiative Bonfeld , which was founded afterwards and chaired by Ulrich Schneider , Member of the Bundestag , has continued the festival tradition in Bonfeld since then in a changed framework. [2] In the first of July 2014 announced Black Sheep festival you want to offer a wider range of bands in the future. For the first edition of the Blacksheep Festival , Mother's Finest , Fairport Convention , Horslips , New Model Army and Die Happy have been signed up. [3]

Supporting program

In addition to the musical stage program, there is a colorful supporting program. For those interested, different workshops are offered on Saturday mornings that fit the topic of folk and Ireland, for example whiskey tasting, Irish tap dance and instrumental workshops .

Based on the Scottish Highland Games, the so-called Lowland Games have been taking place as an accompanying program since 2005, in which clans can compete in various tasks.

In addition, various small artists and musicians perform in the festival area before and between the concerts, for example fire artists, jugglers, tap dancers, bagpipers (individually and as a group) and street musicians.



Acoustic Revolution at Folk in the Schlosshof 2012
  • Bardic (D/Irland)
  • Geraldine MacGowan and friends (Irland)
  • Acoustic Revolution (D)
  • McMontos (D)
  • The Rapparees (Northern Ireland)
  • Ladies of the Canyon (Kanada)
  • Skerryvore (Scotland)
  • Altan (Ireland)
  • Seth Lakeman (Great Britain)
  • Wendrsonn (D)
  • Fleadh (D / Irland)
  • F. Lane and P. Kelly (Irland)
  • Hardy the Piper (D)
  • Saskia Konz (Austria)
  • Firkin (Hungary)
  • Coast (UK)
  • Carmine (Belgium)
  • The Mahones (Kanada)
  • Ahab (UK)
  • The Levellers (Großbritannien)
  • Goo Birds Flight (D)
  • Covered Grass (D)
  • Hans Theessink (Netherlands)
  • Dhalia’s Lane (D/Iran/Australien)


Carlos Núñez at the Folk in the Castle Courtyard 2011
  • 2 duos (D / Scotland)
  • IRISHsteirisch (Austria)
  • Searson (Canada)
  • Goodfield (D)
  • Uiscedwr (Großbritannien)
  • Cara (D / Scotland / Ireland)
  • Carlos Núñez (Spain)
  • Treacherous Orchestra (Großbritannien)
  • Elders (USA)
  • A Pint o'Music (D)
  • 4Weel Drive (Belgium / D)
  • Stuttgart University Pipe Band (D)
  • Staufer Irish Dancers (D)
  • Trailhead (D)
  • E3 Acoustic Trio (D/USA)
  • Mr. Irish Bastard (D)
  • 3aft Monkeys (UK)
  • Polkaholix (D)
  • Madison Violet (Kanada)
  • Coast (UK)
  • Enter the Haggis (Kanada)
  • Wolfstone (Scotland)



Rapalje (NL) at the Folk im Schlosshof 2009










  • Many of the spectators spend the night on an improvised campground set up around the Bonfeld sports hall.
  • The festival is always well received in the press. For example, on June 27, 2005, the SWR reported on the festival in a state show television report.
  • The festival has two large main stages as well as a side stage in the palace courtyard, which are played alternately, so that the audience does not have to take major breaks in renovation.
  • A separate Irish pub called Folkers has been opened every year for the festival since 2006 and will close its doors until the next year after the festival has ended. There is often a small session there at the end of the respective festival days.
  • A live double CD was produced for the 2007 festival, and a live double DVD and a live double CD were produced for each of the 2008 and 2009 festivals.




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