Don't follow me - Follow mich nicht

Don't follow me
Mixtape by Haiyti


March 24, 2017

Label(s) Hayati Records

Format (s)



Deutscher Hip-Hop, Cloud Rap, Trap

Title (number)


running time



  • AsadJohn
  • Yang Monty
  • Loopkingz INSTRMNTLS
  • Drunken Masters
  • Nikki 3k
  • Skool Boy
  • Kitsch war
  • Fuchy for Kabul Fire Records
Don't follow me Montenegro Zero

Don't follow me is the third mixtape by the Hamburg rapper Haiyti . It was released on March 24, 2017 for download via the Hayati Records label.


The songs on the mixtape were produced by music producers AsadJohn , Yang Monty, Loopkingz INSTRMNTLS, Drunken Masters, Nikki 3k, Skool Boy, KitschKrieg and Fuchy for Kabul Fire Records.


The album cover shows a cell phone photo of Haiyti wearing a jogging suit and hugging a white dog. In the upper part of the picture is the title Follow me not in blue neon letters. [1]

Guest Posts

In addition to Haiyti, other artists are represented on four songs on the mixtape. The rapper Hustensaft Jüngling is involved in the song Playboy Cartel , while Greeny Tortellini can be heard on Gothic Girl . The track Fiat Punto is a collaboration with rapper Kkuba102. Burak also has a guest appearance on Moscow Mule .

Track list

# title Gastmusiker Long
1 Dope Game 2:16
2 That dances with the wolf 3:04
3 Moscow Mule Burak 2:57
4 Nightliner 3:07
5 Playboy Poster Young man's cough syrup 3:27
6 I’m Pretty But I’m Loco 2:49
7 Fiat Punto Kkuba102 2:37
8 Pegasus 2:46
9 Gothic Girl Greeny Tortellini 3:30
10 Nothing is safe 2:46
11 Lagoon 4:18
12 Holla 3:12


A music video for the song Moscow Mule was released on March 16, 2017 and videos for I'm Pretty But I'm Loco and Dope Game followed on April 12 and May 28, 2017 .


Professional reviews
Those rating [2]

Anastasia Hartleib from rated the mixtape with five out of a possible five points. Due to the large number of producers, Haiyti “ don't go one step further with Follow me ”. The flows would sound “more sophisticated, the rap parts more demanding and the hooks more catchy”. Thematically, Haiyti alternates "effortlessly between excess parties, gloomy street stories and emotional honesty".

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