Parisian background - Fond Parisien

Parisian background
Sub-national entity
Fond Parisien located in Haiti
Parisian background
Parisian background
Location of Fond Parisien in Haiti
Coordinates 18°31′00″N 71°59′00″O / 18.51666667, -71.98333333Coordenadas: 18°31′00″N 71°59′00″O / 18.51666667, -71.98333333
Entity Town and Commune Section
Country Haiti flag Haiti
Department West
District La Croix-des-Bouquets
Commune Ganthier
• Number
Localities 10
Rooms 30
• Total 123,94 km² View and modify data on Wikidata
Population (2015)
• Total 28,207 hab.
Density 227.59 hab / km²
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Section Map (1962)

The Fond Parisien section is a commune section that is part of the Haitian commune of Ganthier .


Graph of demographic evolution of Fond Parisien between 2009 and 2015

The demographic data contemplated in this graph of the Fond Parisien commune section are estimates that have been taken for the years 2009, [ 1 ] 2012 [ 2 ] and 2015 [ 3 ] from the page of the Haitian Institute of Statistics and Informatics (IHSI).


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