Guard Ulanen barracks (Potsdam) - Garde-Ulanen-Kaserne (Potsdam)

Soviet UnionSoviet Union Garde-Ulanen Barracks
The Garde-Ulanen-Kaserne on a postcard from around 1900

The Garde-Ulanen-Kaserne on a postcard from around 1900

Land Germany
today Deutsche Kreditbank
Kunsthaus Potsdam
local community Potsdam
Coordinates : ° 24 52 ' N , 13 ° 3' O Koordinaten: 52 ° 24 '25 " N , 13 ° 3' 15" O
Opened 1861–1880
owner Private
Old barracks names
1933–1945 Hindenburg barracks German EmpireWar Ensign of Germany (1938–1945).svg
Formerly stationed units
3. Garde-Ulanen-Regiment

9th Infantry Regiment
Red Army

German EmpireWar Ensign of Germany (1903–1919).svg
German EmpireWar Ensign of Germany (1938–1945).svg
Soviet UnionRed Army flag.svg
Guard Ulanen barracks (Brandenburg)
Garde-Ulanen Barracks

Location of the Guard Ulanen barracks in Brandenburg

The Garde-Ulanen-Kaserne (from 1933 to 1945 Hindenburg-Kaserne after Paul von Hindenburg ) is a former barracks in the Potsdam Jägervorstadt at Jägerallee 23.


The barracks were built in several sections from 1861/62 as accommodation for the 3rd Guard-Uhlan Regiment of the Prussian Army in the Jägerallee in Potsdam in the Norman castle style. After its final completion in 1880, it housed the 5th Squadron of this regiment.

After the First World War and the limitation of the number of troops in the Reichswehr , the complex was used as accommodation for the Potsdam police from 1920.

From 1933, after the National Socialists came to power , the buildings again served as barracks for the newly formed Wehrmacht . In memory of Potsdam Day , the complex was named Hindenburg Barracks . Parts of the Potsdam Infantry Regiment , which was later renamed Infantry Regiment 9 , were stationed here .

After the end of the Second World War and the occupation of East Germany by the Red Army , the Group of Soviet Armed Forces in Germany (GSSD) used the barracks until 1991.

In 1991 the building was placed under a preservation order [1] , in 1997 it was taken over by the Bornstedter Feld development agency and renovated as part of the extensive construction work in the city area before the 2001 Federal Garden Show . In 2002 it was handed over to the first new users, a Potsdam upper level center and the Deutsche Kreditbank (DKB). The artists Frank Michael Zeidler and Hubertus von der Goltz opened the Kunsthaus Potsdam in 2002 in part of the area . The restored Alte Waffenmeisterei on the site has been used as a printing shop since 2002 .


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Individual evidence

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