Gesina - Gesina

Ship data
flag GermanyGermany Germany
other ship names
  • Busy
Ship type Lifeboat
great 7-meter class
Shipyard Schweers , Bardenfleth
Baunummer 6417
Launch 1971
Commissioning 22. June 1971
Decommissioning 22. November 1993
Ship dimensions and crew
7,0 m (Lüa)
width 2,34 m
Draft max. 0,6 m
displacement 2,5 t
Machine system
54 PS (40 kW)
10 kn (19 km/h)

The sea ​​rescue boat (SRB) Gesina was a 7-meter class boat belonging to the German Society for the Rescue of Shipwrecked People (DGzRS). The boat was built in 1971 by the Schweers shipyard in Bardenfleth under construction number 6417. The internal name was KRST 19.


Gesina is a Frisian woman's name; the naming of the boat with this name expresses the attachment of the DGzRS to the German coast.

Technical Equipment

The lifeboat was equipped with radio systems, echo sounder , GPS , external bilge pump and a rescue port.

Like all "real" boats of the 7 m class, the boat did not have a radar device (further explanation: Kaatje sea ​​rescue boat ).


On June 22, 1971, Gesina came to the DGzRS station on the island of Wangerooge . From there she moved to Horumersiel in 1978 , where she stayed until 1980. After a break in operation, she was stationed on March 20, 1981 in Gelting on the Baltic Sea, where she was until November 22, 1993 when she was decommissioned.

The DGzRS sold the boat in January 1994 to the Hooksiel shipyard , where it was used as a work boat under the name Emsig . Since May 1997 the restored Gesina has been standing in front of the island museum on the island of Wangerooge, where it was first used.