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A scriptwriter is a person in charge of writing the script for a film , television , comic strip or radio production . Said script can consist of an original story or a readaptation of another script, derived from it or from another existing work (a novel, a musical, a biography, etc.). [ 1 ] [ 2 ]

Being part of a very large industry with many departments, it is very common for the scriptwriter to also carry out directing, producing or even interpreting their own works. It is also very common for screenwriters to write and publish novels.

The scriptwriters write in their own format that allows the director, the producer, the actors and anyone else involved in the making of the film to interpret the text without any hindrance. There are two types of script: the literary script, which is one in which technical indications for the making of the film are not yet given, and the technical script, in which, in effect, such indications are given. The first is written by the screenwriter; the second, the director.

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