Héctor Quintanilla (actor) - Héctor Quintanilla (actor)

Hector Quintanilla
Personal information
Birth name Hector Pedro Quintanilla
Birth April 29, 1893
Argentina's flag Argentina
Death December 1, 1961 (68 years)
Argentina's flag Buenos Aires , Argentina
nationality Argentina
Sons Zoraida (n.1922)
Asdrubal (n.1924)
Professional information
Occupation actor

Hector Quintanilla was an actor in film and theater who was born in Argentina the 29 of April of 1893 and died in Buenos Aires , Argentina on 1 of December of 1961 .

Professional activity

He began his acting career in Spain where he filmed around 80 silent films for the Condal Film in Barcelona , among which are The Sign of the Tribe (1914) and A la pesca de los 45 million (1916). Upon returning to Argentina, he made his debut at the Teatro Comedia de Rosario , province of Santa Fe and then continued to perform at the Maipo and Variedades theaters in Buenos Aires in magazines , sainetes and zarzuelas . Quintanilla also performed as a duo with Carlos Enríquez .

He also has a career in Portugal , where he plays the character Cardo , created by Ernesto de Albuquerque and inspired by the Charlie Chaplin films . [ 1 ]

He worked in the talkies of Argentina from his early years, beginning with Los tres berretines and Dancing , both from 1933. In general, his roles referred to clueless and talkative characters and the last film in which he participated was The last cow-boy of 1954.

When the Argentine Actors Union was created in 1934, which later in 1937 merged with the Argentine Association of Actors , Héctor Quintanilla was one of the first leaders of that entity.

Quintanilla died in Buenos Aires, Argentina on December 1, 1961.




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