Ibbenbürener Spvg - Ibbenbürener Spvg

Ibbenbürener Spvg
Club coat of arms of Ibbenbürener Spvg
Name Ibbenbürener Spielvereinigung
08 eV
Seat Ibbenbüren , North Rhine-Westphalia
founding 1908
Colours black-and-white
Website www.ibb-sv.de
First soccer team
Venue Stadion Ost
Places 2.500
League District League Westphalia 12
2019/20 5th place

The Ibbenbürener Spvg (officially: Ibbenbürener Spielvereinigung 08 eV , short: ISV ) is a sports club from Ibbenbüren in the Tecklenburger Land region ( Steinfurt district ). The first soccer team played in the highest Westphalian amateur league for ten years. The first men's handball team took part in the DHB Cup twice, while the first women's handball team qualified for the DHB Cup for the first time in 2015 .


The club was founded in 1908 as Ibbenbürener football club 08 . This was renamed in 1919 in VfR Ibbenbüren and merged seven years later with Germania Ibbenbüren to today's Ibbenbüren game association.


The first game in the club's history was lost in 1909 against a team from Rheine with 0: 9. In 1937 he was promoted to the then second-class district class . After the end of the Second World War , the ISV initially played in the field of the Lower Saxony Football Association and moved back to Westphalia in 1947. Five years later, the Ibbenbüren rose to the state league , the highest amateur league in Westphalia at the time. There the ISV was runner-up behind TSV Hüls in their season in 1954 . Two years later, the team missed the qualification for the newly created Association League Westphalia .

In 1960, the amateur national player Hermann Michel switched to ISV, who rose to the association league after winning the playoff against Prussia Hochlarmark . After seven years in the midfield of the association league, he was relegated to the national league in 1968. Two years later it went down to the district league before relegation to the district league in 1972. Between 1980 and 1987 and from 1998 to 2000 the ISV reached the regional league again. In 2012, the Ibbenbürener were relegated to the district league A Tecklenburg .


The ISV handball players played in the Oberliga Westfalen for the first time in the 1980/81 season . Three years later, a large part of the handball department split off from the game association as 1. HC Ibbenbüren . In 1999 the ISV handball players made it to the third- tier Regionalliga Nord and in 2004 moved to the Regionalliga West . In 2010 the ISV handball players missed the newly created 3rd handball league . After two further relegations in a row, the handball players of the game association have been competing in the Landesliga Westfalen, Group 2, since 2012.

The women's team of Ibbenbürener Spvg rose in 2013 with 44: 0 points in the Association League Westphalia and immediately became runner-up behind TuS 97 Bielefeld-Jöllenbeck in the following season . Finally, in 2015, they were promoted to the fourth-class Oberliga Westfalen and qualified for the DHB-Pokal 2015/16 , where the Ibbenbürener lost against the Bundesliga club SGH Rosengarten with 12:31. In the major league, the team immediately became runner-up behind HSV Minden-Nord .

Other sports

In addition to soccer and handball, the club also offers Nordic walking and rugby .