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Javier Merino
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Personal information
Birth name Francisco Javier Merino Córdova
Birth February 28, 1994 (26 years old)
Áncash , Peru
nationality Peruvian
Education University
Educated in Saint Ignatius of Loyola University
Professional information
Occupation Cultural manager, communicator, playwright, actor and theater director.
Distinctions National Dramaturgy Contest 2018, recognition of artistic growth by the Diez Talentos Cultural Association 2018, Best Script at the USIL 2019 Audiovisual Festival, Best Director at the 2019 Critical Office Awards.

Francisco Javier Merino Córdova ( Chimbote - Áncash , 1994) is a cultural manager [ 1 ] , communicator, playwright , actor and Peruvian theater director [ 2 ] .


Son of the Superior Chief Technician of the Peruvian Army Francisco Javier Merino Abanto, at the age of 15 he entered the National University Federico Villarreal to study Political Science , a career that he left at two years to study acting with the prominent Peruvian actor and director Bruno Odar . At the same time, he is studying Comprehensive Communication at the San Ignacio de Loyola Institute. In 2015 he studied acting with the renowned Peruvian theater director David Carrillo at the Plan 9 Cultural Association, an association that Carrillo formed together with the filmmaker Giovanni Ciccia . After this he studied dramaturgy with the veteran playwright Alonso Alegríaand later with the prolific Peruvian playwright Federico Abrill. Then, in 2018, he decided to complement his Communications and Advertising career at the San Ignacio de Loyola University .

In 2016, he decided to direct and co-produce the play El abanico de Lady Windermere , by the famous Irish playwright and writer Oscar Wilde at the Julieta Theater in Miraflores [ 3 ] . In June he founded the physical magazine Café Society, specialized in art and culture, the same one that he would later take to digital. That same year he directed the first, and now deceased, national actors Enrique Victoria and Claudia Dammert in the play La Carta , by Marcos Gamboa Loayza [ 4 ] . After this, he acted in the play Love & Chill , by David Carrillo and Federico Abrill, directed by David Carrillo. 2017 is called byBruno Odar to act on the work Superstorm [ 5 ] , Giuseppe Albatrino [ 6 ] [ 7 ] . This same year he directed the play Pequeñas Certezas at the Mocha Graña Theater [ 8 ] , by the Mexican playwright Bárbara Colio. That same year he directed the play The Last Summer , written by Cristhian Palomino [ 9 ] and based on the best-seller by Ann Meyers , Ethan between us . A few months later he is called to belong to the group Cuéntame Shakespeare, directed byBruno Odar . It is with this group that Othello works ; Hamlet ; The Taming of the Shrew , and Much noise and few nuts [ 10 ] in the auditoriums of the British Peruvian Cultural Association and in the Municipal Theater of Lima ; all by the English playwright William Shakespeare , adapted and directed by Bruno Odar .

In the summer of 2018 he directed the play Medium Animal , by Cristhian Palomino, and starring Amparo Brambilla [ 11 ] . After this he directed the play Bandolero & Malasangre by the Venezuelan writer Gustavo Ott at the Lima Theater Club [ 12 ] . This year away from the theater to handle the communications strategy of the political campaign of the district of Ate (the third largest district in population of the Peru ), along with the candidate Juan Enrique Dupuy García [ 13 ] [ 14 ] .

In 2019 he gave life to La Criatura in the play Frankenstein , by Mary Shelley , and directed by Bruno Odar at the Ricardo Palma Cultural Center in Miraflores. That same year he produced together with businessman Gary Prialé and directed his play Magia en una Lima de noche [ 15 ] , which received positive comments from national critics and was nominated for Best Director, Best Play, Best Supporting Actor ( José Dammert ) and Best Supporting Actress (Jackeline Felipe), in the 2019 Critical Office awards.

Merino has directed leading actors of the stature of Enrique Victoria , Claudia Dammert , Tatiana Espinoza, Amparo Brambilla and Reynaldo Arenas [ 16 ] . As well as young and prominent actors on the national scene such as Ekaterina Konycheva, Daniela Feijoó [ 17 ] , Paris Pesrantes, José Dammert , Malory Vargas [ 18 ] and Christian Suito.

Awards, honors and nominations

Year Prize Category Job Outcome
2011 ISIL story contest Best story Common and Current Winner
2018 National Playwriting Competition organized by the Metropolitan Municipality of Lima [ 19 ] Best Dramaturgy Magic in a Lima at night Winner
2018 Recognition for Artistic Growth by the Diez Talentos Cultural Association Recognition The same Awarded
2019 FAU Awards of the Audiovisual Festival of the San Ignacio de Loyola University Best screenplay How agnostic sex can be Winner
2019 Critical Office Awards for the best of the national theater 2019 Best Director [ 20 ] Magic in a Lima at night Winner
2019 Critical Office Awards for the best of the national theater 2019 Best Editing Magic in a Lima at night Nominated


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