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Javier Negrete
Javier Negrete
Personal information
Birth 1964
Madrid , Spain
nationality SpainSpain
Professional information
Occupation Professor , novelist .
Genders Science fiction , Heroic fantasy , History , Mythology .

Javier Negrete ( 1964 , Madrid ) is a Spanish writer known for his fantasy works and for his historical popularization essays.


With a degree in Classical Philology, Negrete has been a Greek teacher (since 1991, and currently in 2019, he teaches at the Gabriel y Galán de Plasencia Secondary Education Institute ) and his novels are mainly of the fantasy and science fiction genre , although he has also successfully ventured into the erotic novel .

His literary career began with the publication of the short novel La luna quieta , which appeared in the first anthology of the UPC prize for science fiction in 1991, for which he was a finalist. At the same contest, Negrete also presented the story In the belly of the whale .

In 1992 the Twilight State came out , which won the Ignotus Award for Best Short Story in 1994 and the Gigamesh Publishing Award the same year.

Lux Aeterna deserved a special mention in the 1995 UPC award edition. The following year, she published Nox Perpetua , with a much more adventurous character than her previous works, framing herself in the classic adventure literature.

In 1997 Memory of the dragon appears , a novel that moves in the field of youth fantasy literature. That same year his first long novel, La Mirada de las furias , was published and won the Ignotus prize.

In 2000 he finally won the UPC award with the story Seeker of shadows . Three years later, he published Héroes de Kalanum , considered by some to be a young adult novel. That same year he presented for the UPC award his short novel El mito de Er , which would finally win the Ignotus award. Another great success of hers in 2003 was The Beloved of the Gods, a finalist for the vertical smile award , which is awarded to the best erotic works.

In 2003 he made a radical change and demonstrated his ample gifts for heroic fantasy with his novel The sword of fire . It is a fantastic story that revolves around Zemal, the legendary flaming sword forged by the Gods. Dead its previous carrier, begins the race to get it. The greatest masters of the sword, the tahedorans, will have to face each other for the ultimate prize. Derguín Gorión, a young tahedorán, accompanied by powerful friends, enters the battle for the sword. In front of him, the most fearsome of enemies, Togul Barok, the chosen one of the gods, the man with double pupils. The sword of fireIt was a great sales and critical success, also being acclaimed in France. Actually, it is the first novel by Negrete, who at the age of seventeen tried to publish it under the title La jauca de la buena fortuna , but found no response from the publishers. Disappointed, he hid it in a drawer until he decided to take it up again, completely rewriting it. Later the second part of the novel - The spirit of the magician , another best-seller -, which is intended as a trilogy.

In 2006 Señores del Olimpo , which takes up one of the themes with which Javier Negrete is best, Greek mythology, won the first award in the Minotaur Fantasy Award. This novel is the story of the confrontation between Zeus and Typhon , a winged demon.

The following year he published Alexander the Great and the Eagles of Rome , a uchrony in which Alexander the Great sets out to conquer the West by facing the Roman legions. This work marks a certain transition towards the historical novel, a genre to which he dedicated his next novel: Salamina (2008), in which he narrates the events surrounding the famous naval battle.

In 2009 he returned to Classical Greece with the publication of an essay on his history: The great adventure of the Greeks and a year later Atlantis sees the light , a Techno-thriller in which the protagonists find the exact location of the lost continent. In mid-2010, the imminent publication of the conclusion of his Tramorea series: The Dream of the Gods was also announced . Later, the author himself announced that this conclusion would be divided into two parts: the aforementioned The Dream of the Gods and The Heart of Tramorea , published in October 2010 and May 2011, respectively. [ 1 ]


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  • 1995 The Strange Journey of Professor Búdurflai
  • 1995 In the country of Oneiros
  • 1998 Convergent evolution
  • 2005 Malib, City of Queen Samikir (short story)





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