Javier Pareja Rodriguez - Javier Pareja Rodríguez

Medal table
ITF Men's Taekwondo
World Championships
Bronze World Championship 2007 50kg
Pan American
Bronze ITF Pan American Taekwondo Championship 2007 53kg
The payment 2007 ITF Pan American Taekwon-Do Games 50kg
Oro ITF Pan American Taekwon-Do Games 2009 50kg
Oro Pan American Taekwon-Do ITF Games 2011 50kg
South americans
Oro ITF 2006 South American Taekwon-Do Games 50kg
Oro ITF 2008 South American Taekwon-Do Games 50kg
Oro ITF 2010 South American Taekwon-Do Games 57kg

Javier Pareja Rodríguez (Miraflores, Lima , Peru , March 22, 1983) Internationally recognized ITF professional Taekwondo athlete . He was chosen by the Peruvian press as one of the most outstanding athletes of 2008 and recognized by the Taekwondo Hall of Fame as an outstanding competitor in April 2009 in New Jersey - USA. Participate in the categories of 50- 57 kg. He is 28 years old. [ 1 ]


Javier Pareja Rodríguez was born in Lima, Peru, on March 22, 1983. He studied at the exclusive at La Inmaculada School and Alas Peruanas University. It belongs to the International Taekwondo Federation (ITF) and the Peruvian Institute of Taekwon-Do International (www.taekwondo.com.pe), considered the only federation that practices original taekwondo in Peru. [ 2 ] He started his sports career in ITF Taekwondo at the age of 8. He is a disciple and trains with Sahyongnim Enrique Deacon Villanueva VIII Dan, who was a disciple of the Grand Master General Choi Hong Hi , founder of this martial art.; Enrique Deacon Villanueva is also a Member of the ITF Executive Committee, President of the ITF Ethics and Discipline Committee, Secretary General of the Pan American Taekwon-Do Council (PTC) and President of the Peruvian Institute of International TaekwonDo (IPTI). [ 3 ]

From an early age he had a fondness for sports, which led him to dedicate himself to Martial Arts , which, unlike sports, studies and incorporates into the life of the practitioner, principles and philosophy of life that led him on the right path, thus it was that he forged his character and discipline.

He has obtained several medals in the tournaments that he has participated, standing out in his category. The most important of his achievements so far has been third place in the 15th ITF World Taekwondo World Cup (bronze medal), with which Peru reached for the first time a podium in a world championship in Original Taekwon-Do founded by Grandmaster Gen. Choi Hong Hi .

He is currently a III Dan black belt, a member of the Peruvian ITF national Taekwondo team since 2004. [ 4 ] and Instructor in:

  • Dojang principal del Perú (Mu-Shim Dojang)[5]
  • Markham College
  • Academia "Taekwon-Do La Planicie" - La Molina


He began his first classes at the Mu-Shim School, the main Taekwon-Do school in Peru affiliated with the Peruvian Institute of International Taekwondo, located in the district of Surco in Lima. Being trained at the beginning (1991) by Master Enrique Deacon Villanueva. At the end of 1991 for reasons of travel accompanying Gen. Choi Hong Hi, Master Enrique Deacon leaves him in charge of Sabumnim Enrique Blondet V Dan (who at that time was a black-tip red belt). In 1994 Javier is put to train with Sabum Viviana Villamonte IV Dan currently (who was a black tip at that time). That year (1994) he had his first national tournament and he won the fight against an opponent who had a head and a half size, a bigger belt and older than him; attends the Taekwon-Do Founder's seminar in Lima and obtains the yellow belt. In 1999, at the age of 16, in his second National tournament, he won the Cup for Best Competitor: “Youth Category” XIX IPTI Closing Tournament at the national level. His first black belt tournament was the Pan AmericanITF taekwondo held in Mar de Plata , Argentina where he reaches the bronze medal in individual wrestling up to 53 kg and silver medal in tulle (forms) for teams. Two years later he would win the gold medal in individual wrestling up to 50 kg at the ITF South American Taekwondo in Tarija - Bolivia . From there onwards he has been winning in each championship where he has participated. As the World Championship TaekwonDo ITF in Bled - Slovenia where he earned his greatest international achievement by obtaining the medal of bronze [ 6 ]Wrestling in the category up to 50kg. For the first time that a taekwondo athlete places the name of Peru in the world medal table, since other Peruvian representatives of WTF-style taekwondo have done so on behalf of the United States . The following year he would win the gold medal at the ITF Pan American Taekwondo in Chile. Obtains two great victories in 2009 winning the gold medal at the ITF Intercontinental Taekwondo Tournament in Ottawa , Canada and at the ITF Pan American Taekwondo Games. Again he defends the title of South American champion in the 57 kg category, once again managing to win the first place in Colombia. The same goes for the Pan American Games of 2011 made in Granada, obtaining the medal of gold .


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International achievements

Year Event Place Market Stall Style Category Market Stall Style Market Stall Style
2004 Panamerican Games Mar de Plata (Argentina's flag Argentina) Individual fight 53 kg
2006 South American Games Tarija (BoliviaFlag of Bolivia.svg Bolivia) Individual fight 50 kg Tulle (Shapes)
2007 World Championship Bled Slovenian flag Slovenia Individual fight 50 kg
2007 Panamerican Games Tarija (BoliviaFlag of Bolivia.svg Bolivia) Individual fight 50 kg Tulle (shapes)
2008 South American Games Santiago Chile's flag Chile Individual fight 50 kg Tulle (shapes) Self Defense
2009 Intercontinental tournament Ottawa (CanadaFlag of Canada.svg Canada ) Individual fight 57 kg Tulle (shapes)
2009 Panamerican Games Yauco Puerto Rico's flag Puerto Rico Individual fight 50 kg Tulle (shapes) Self Defense
2010 South American Games Bogota (ColombiaFlag of Colombia.svg Colombia) Individual fight 57 kg Tulle (shapes) Self Defense
2011 ITF Pan American Taekwondo Games St George Grenada flag Granada Individual fight 50 kg Tulle (shapes) Self Defense
2011 ITF Taekwondo World Championship Pioneer North Korea flag North Korea Individual fight 50 kg Self Defense