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Javier Pellicer
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Javier Pellicer (2011)
Personal information
Birth name Javier Pellicer Moscardó
Birth 1978
nationality SpainSpain
Professional information
Occupation Novelist
Gender Historical novel Fantastic novel

Javier Pellicer Moscardó is a Spanish writer born in 1978 in Benigánim ( Valencia ), specializing in fantasy literature and historical novels . [ 1 ]


He was the winner of the I Cryptshow Festival of Fantastic Story Award 2008 and a finalist in the following year's edition of the same contest, in the science fiction category. It has also been a finalist in the "Monsters of Reason" 2009, in the horror section. His work "The city of monsters" obtained a finalist award, second prize and special mention in the I Prize for Short Novel Katharsis 2008. [ 2 ] He has participated in various anthologies, including several related to the H-Horror website, as well as in "His Universe Through" (DH) and " Chronicles of the Eastern Brand " vol. 1 and 2 (Holodeck). His short novel "La Sombra de la Luna" is offered free of charge from Save the Children's solidarity platform “1libro1euro”. "The spirit of the lynx ”(Ediciones Pàmies, 2012), set in the Iberian culture and the Carthaginian invasion of the 3rd century BC. C., and which has garnered excellent reviews, is his first published novel. [ 3 ] Thanks to this work, Pellicer was a finalist in the IV Hislibris Historical Literature Awards in 2013, in the section for best new author. [ 4 ]

In 2013 he published his second solo work at a professional level, " Legados ", with which he returned to the fantasy genre. The story takes place in the world of the successful role-playing game of Spanish creation " Aventuras en la Marca del Este ". [ 5 ]

For his third novel, Pellicer made a new foray into the historical novel with " Lions of Hannibal ", where he returned to the 3rd century BC to narrate Hannibal Barca's journey to Italian soil, at the beginning of the Second Punic War , through the eyes of the soldiers of the Carthaginian general. [ 6 ]

His next novel, “ Lerna. The legacy of the minotaur ”, is a great work that narrates one of the founding myths of Ireland narrated in“ Lebor Gabála Érenn ”: the arrival on the island of the town of Partolón. The author gives historical context to this legend by connecting it with one of the great cultures of the Bronze Age, the Minoan Civilization of the mythical King Minos . [ 7 ]


Presentation of The spirit of the lynx in Benigánim (27-4-2012)

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