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Personal information
Birth 1973 View and modify data on Wikidata
Vallecas ( Spain ) View and modify data on Wikidata
nationality Spanish
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Occupation Cartoonist View and modify data on Wikidata

Javier Muñoz Pizarro , Javierre ( Vallecas , Madrid , Spain , 1973 ) is a cartoonist and writer of comic Spanish .

He collaborates in the magazines " TMEO ", " Cretino " and " El Batracio Amarillo ".

Javierre began in the world of desktop publishing with his adventures of El Hombre Mosca, in which he parodied the universe of superheroes through a vigilante from neighborhood extraction. He published in the fanzine A la calle de Vallecas where he met Pelorroto with whom he launched in 1996 the publishing house La vena tribal responsible for the edition of Sopas de Ajo magazine and Roger's first album : 26 points to destroy Spain . At that time he began his collaboration with the magazine TMEO , Paté de Marrano and later Cretino , a magazine with which he would end up being a co-editor.

He is the creator of Los Vallekurros , characters born in 1996 protagonists of underground themed comics framed in the Vallecas neighborhood.

They are also characters of his creation Los Tronkotronkis (Cretino) , El Hombre Mosca and the series I hate my neighbors because they make me a worse person (TMEO)

In 2014 he began as a scriptwriter the comic series Los caballeros de la Orden de Toledo , drawn by Juanfran Cabrera. The plot narrates the relationships and adventures of Federico García Lorca , Luis Buñuel and Salvador Dalí during their stay at the Madrid Student Residence . [ 1 ] This comic was awarded in 2015 with the prize for the best national comic at Expocomic . [ 2 ] In 2017 Arian and El Ángel Caído published the first compilation volume.

Comics - albums

  • The vallekurros: Headless puppets and other herbs . 2005, Ezten kultur Taldea.
  • Morocco Trip . 2008, cretin.
  • The Knights of the Order of Toledo . 2017, Arian & The Fallen Angel.


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