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JAW (2010)
JAW (2010)
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The unbearable audacity of being
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JAW (* 11. February 1984 in Cologne ; bourgeois Jonas Andre Willy Enderle ) is a German rapper and hip-hop - producer . The stage name is an acronym from his three first names. [2] JAW is the owner of the record label "Jaw", which he also uses as a platform for his own publications. Groove Attack is responsible for distribution.


Jonas E. was born in Cologne in 1984. He later moved with his parents to Freiburg im Breisgau as a child . In 2003 he graduated from high school and started recording his own music as JAW. The first release was an EP , which was released in 2003 under the title Seelensturm . [2] After completing his school career he performed community service in Heidelberg . In 2003 JAW founded the group Projekt Chaos Punks together with DJ Tjoma and the brothers Maexer and Rynerrr Schrott , with whom he released the album Nimm's Und Verreck Dran at the end of the year . [2]In the same year JAW also registered on the Internet platform Reimliga Battle Arena (RBA), which organizes hip-hop battles and in which the later famous rappers FR and Kollegah also took part. In 2004 E. moved back to Breisgau. Here he continued to work on his music as JAW. He celebrated further successes in the RBA and took guest contributions to the albums Symbiosis des Böse by Mob Inc and Schnell Imbiz by Taichi . In 2005 JAW began studying musicology. [2]

In 2006 JAW released his debut album Schock fürs Leben on the Rapz Records label , which deals with his illness, among other things. JAW himself contributed the productions for the album. PCP and RBA rappers Mr Chissman, boZ, Ezy, Kaspah Hausa, Plasti and Hollywood Hank recorded guest contributions for shock for life . At the end of 2006, the free EP Zwischen Chemie und Wahnsinn was released , which JAW had recorded with Me $$ age. [2] E. In 2007, published under the pseudonym Konnegah five titles he turned to the Internet. These songs are parodies of the title of Selfmade RecordsRappers Kollegah under contract. Thus, as Konnegah, he imitates the Kollegah's presentation style and uses multi-syllable words and multiple rhymes. In 2007 the mixtape Brain in the Mixer was released . [2] The website Laut.de rated the mixtape with four out of a possible five evaluation points. [3] JAW also produced five tracks on the Alphagene album by Kollegah, which reached number 51 on the album charts. This was also followed by guest contributions on the album Symptoms of the rapper Rynerrr.

Musicians of the label Weisse Scheisse : DJ Tjoma, JAW, Private Paul, Rynerrr and Maexer

At the turn of the year 2008 JAW founded the label Weisse Scheisse , to which the group PCP, consisting of Rynerrr, Maexer, KASH, JAW and DJ Tjoma, is under contract. In late 2008, JAW was featured on the Beats for Hip Hop mix tape by Favorite and Hollywood Hank. [4] On June 12, 2009, the EP Menschenfeind by JAW and Hollywood Hank was the second release of the label Weisse Scheisse . This was also largely produced by JAW. [5] The hip-hop magazine Juice declared misanthropic in July 2009 in its Homegrown section as the "collaboration album of the month". [6]On August 28th, the album Lache und die Welt Weucht mit dich by PCP followed. In 2010, four years after the debut album, the second solo album was released, perpetrator-victim-compensation . [8] In February 2011, JAW accompanied the French rapper Soprano on his Germany tour. [9]

On February 5, 2011, JAW published the title Private Paul , in which he responds to statements by his former label colleague Private Paul, which he had made in an interview. In 2014 he got in touch with the Freetrack Rap has made you broken and the Juice Exclusive track Fremdkörper back after almost three years of inactivity and announced his third studio album The Unbearable Audacity of Being . A little later he published two more songs on the Internet with Weltenpendler and Lost in Space . In April 2017 the single No Man's Land was released , followed by TOA 3 and Exit in June of the same year.

On May 25, 2018, JAW's third solo album The Unbearable Audacity of Being was released, with which it reached the German charts for the first time and reached number 14. In June 2018 he took during the OLYMPUS festivals at a Rapbattle against Finch Asozial part [10] .



Cover title year comment
Shock for life - Cover.jpg Shock for life 2006
Offender-victim compensation - Cover.jpg Offenders victim Compensation 2010
The unbearable audacity of being 2018 Place 14 in GermanyGermany

Other publications

Cover title year comment
Soul storm 2003 EP
Take it and die of it! 2003 Album with Rynerrr and Maexer (as PCP)
Between Chemistry & Madness 2006 EP mit Me $$ age
Brain in the Mixer - Cover.jpg Brain in the blender 2007 Mixtape
Kuhmelker Tape Vol.1 2007 Parody of Kollegah; under the name Konnegah
Misanthrope - Cover.JPG Misanthropist 2009 EP mit Hollywood Hank
Laugh and the world will cry with you - Cover.jpg Laugh and the world will cry with you 2009 Album with Private Paul, Rynerrr and Maexer (as PCP)
Chüars 2009 EP with Peter Maffya (as Spitt Click)
Crude cinema 2019 Mixtape (Snippet)


  • 2007: Crapz Records (Diss-Track against Rapz Records)
  • 2009: Nobody (with Morlockk Dilemma ) ( Juice Exclusive! On Juice-CD # 99)
  • 2009: Chüars! (with Peter Maffya as $ pitt Klikk) (Free mixtape)
  • 2011: Private Paul (Diss-Track against Private Paul)
  • 2011: Piss out of wine glasses (with Maeckes) (JUICE EXCLUSIVE)
  • 2014: Rap broke you
  • 2014: Foreign body (JUICE EXCLUSIVE)
  • 2014: global commuter
  • 2014: Lost in Space
  • 2015: Survival of the Sickest
  • 2017: no man's land
  • 2017: TOA 3
  • 2017: Exit

The production

  • 2007: Alphagene , 24/7 , dealer (Prelude) , macho style and outro on Alphagene from Kollegah


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