Jazeh Tabatabai - Jazeh Tabatabai

Jazeh Tabatabai
Jazeh Tabatabai
Personal information
Birth 1931 , 89 years ago
Death As February 9 as 2008 , at age 77, 12 years ago
nationality Iran
Education Tehran University
Professional information
Area Sculpture , painting , poetry , theater
Movement Avant-garde

Jazeh Tabatabai , (in Persian ژازه طباطبایی), born in Tehran in 1931 and died on February 9 , 2008 , [ 1 ] is an Iranian avant-garde artist ; Besides painting , he worked on poetry , sculpture and drama . [ 2 ] [ 3 ]

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Jazeh writes his first story called " sand and straw " at the age of twelve.

At the age of 20 he entered the Dramatic Art school.

He studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Tehran , until 1960.

Tabatabai received more than ten major international awards for his paintings and sculptures.

Tabatabai is part of the Saqakhaneh school ( مکتب سقاخانه in Persian). This avant-garde movement is the reflection of others that developed at that time around the world, and was promoted by the confrontation with the traditional conception of art.

He was founder and director of the Iran Modern Art Gallery in Tehran , Iran. [ 4 ]

Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art , founded and directed by Tabatabai.

Jazeh spent the last years of his life in Spain (he lived in Vigo ) and often temporarily traveled to Iran. On the Persian date of Bahman 20, 1386, at the age of 77, he died in the Atieh Hospital in Tehran. [ 5 ]


His works have been exhibited in temporary exhibitions in Great Britain , India , Italy , Germany , Spain, Greece , Australia , France and the United States . [ 3 ]


Today he is best known for his figurative metal sculptures, made from metal parts, car parts, and assembled industrial remains . In his work the theme of the sun and the woman is repeated.

Some of his works are kept in private collections ( Farah Diba , Amir Abbás Hoveydá or Jimmy Carter, for example) and in various museums around the world (including the Louvre and the Metropolitan Museum of Art ). [ 2 ]

An important collection of his works is kept at the Tehran Museum of Modern Art. There we can find both painting and sculpture. [ 7 ]

Works on Tabatabai

Khosrow Sinai made a biographical film about Jazeh Tabatabai.

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