Jazz & Rock Schools Freiburg - Jazz & Rock Schulen Freiburg

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The Freiburg Jazz & Rock Schools were founded in 1984 as the “Freiburg Jazz & Rock School”. The schools are housed on around 2800 m² in the Freiburg electrical works and in the Freiburg culture park. They are the only partner school of the Berklee College of Music in the German-speaking area. In 2011, the hKDM - University of Art, Design and Popular Music was founded by the Jazz & Rock Schools and the Freie Hochschule Freiburg eV, so that bachelor's degree programs are now also offered. In total, over 1,000 pupils and students are currently learning and studying in the programs of the Freiburg Jazz & Rock Schools. The managing directors of the Jazz & Rock schools are Christian Pertschy, Bernhard Hofmann and Reinhard Stephan.


The Freiburg Jazz & Rock Schools are divided into four areas:

  • hKDM (Bachelor's degree in Popular Music)
  • International Music College Freiburg (training as a professional rock, pop and jazz musician)
  • General Music School Freiburg
  • Center for Music Education Freiburg (advanced training in cooperation with the Popakademie Mannheim)

hKDM - University of Art, Design and Popular Music

Workshop weeks hKDM

The University of Art, Design and Popular Music Freiburg was founded in the winter semester 2011 and offers an eight-semester course with the state degree "Bachelor of Arts". In addition to the content from the field of popular music (instrument, composition & producing, music business), studying together with designers, graphic artists, photographers and visual artists gives the musician the opportunity to deal with visual design issues and to think outside the box. Since music and acoustic design are increasingly playing a role in advertising agencies and branded companies, musicians with the additional tools qualify as consultants, concept developers and producers.

The hKDM is a private university and the training is subject to a fee. The fees are currently around 500 euros per month.

IMCF – International Music College Freiburg

Concert by the Berklee students in the JRS auditorium

Around 100 young musicians study at the International Music College Freiburg (IMCF). The training to become a professional musician in the field of rock / pop & jazz is state-approved ( vocational college ), BAföG -funded and lasts three years. It is practical and includes lessons on the instrument and in the band, among other things, the subjects of music education , composition , studio and computer, arrangement and music business. In the third year of training, the students choose a focus: performance, pedagogy or songwriting / producing. Possible major instruments are vocals, guitar, bass, drums, piano, keyboard, saxophone and trumpet.

A one to two year basic course enables preparation for the entrance exam for the course.

Training to become a professional musician is subject to a fee. The fees for the three-year full-time training are between 400 and 500 euros per month (depending on the instrument and year of birth).

Well-known former students

General Music School Freiburg

The general music school teaches children, young people and adults in individual and group lessons as well as in bands, ensembles and choirs. The spectrum ranges from the very youngest, who are introduced to music in a playful way, to teenagers, adults and seniors.

Center for Music Education Freiburg

For several years now, the Freiburg Jazz & Rock Schools, in cooperation with the Popakademie Baden-Württemberg, have been offering advanced training for music educators in the field of popular music.


Gary Barone (trumpet, band), Celina Burger (body awareness), Florian Enderle (basic ear training), Norbert Gottschalk (vocals, sightreading, band), Manuel Halter (piano), Frank Haunschild (guitar, theory and ear training, band), Bernd Heitzler (bass, band), Kilian Heitzler (rhythm, band), Andy Herrmann (piano), Bernhard G. Hofmann (arrangement, study management), German Klaiber (bass, band), Klaus Müller (band), Hiram Mutschler (Drums, improvisation drums, band), Gusztav Off (piano), Leonardo Palacios-Paz (band), Christian Pertschy (artist development), Roland Pfeiffer (guitar, sightreading, studio, band), Annette Riesterer (vocals, backing vocal techniques) , Holger Rohn (band), Andreas Rubin-Schwarz (music business), Christof Steier (bass, band), Tom Timmler (saxophone, improvisation, band), Christian Torkewitz (music education, saxophone, piano, pop music history)

Guest Doctors

Michael Abene, Eric Alexander, Jimmy Cobb, Carla Cook, Larry Coryell, Udo Dahmen, Gerhard Daum, Gilson De Assis, Scott DeOgburn, Joe Diorio, Kermit Driscoll, Jody Fisher, Jeff Galindo, Ken Cervenka, George Garzone, Lincoln Goines, Danny Gottlieb, Anita Gravine, George Gruntz, Billy Hart, Scott Henderson, Peter Herbolzheimer, Wolfgang Lackerschmid, Joe Lovano, Albert Mangelsdorff, Matt Marvuglio, Ron McClure, Donna McElroy, Adrian Mears, Pat Metheny, Hendrik Meurkens, Karlheinz Miklin, Larry Monroe, Dennis Montgomery III, Vinnie Moore, Lauren Newton, Adam Nussbaum, Jim Odgren, Tiger Okoshi, Fritz Pauer, Rick Peckham, Bill Pierce, John Pierce, Bob Pilkington, Kim Plainfield, Ken Pullig, Ron Savage, Ben Sher, Matt Smith, Bob Stoloff, John Stowell, Harvie S., Allen Vizutti, Ernie Watts, Jiggs Whigham, Mark White, Gary Willis, Darcel Wilson, Joe Zawinul


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