JÖ (magazine) - JÖ (Zeitschrift)

JÖ - Jugendmagazin

language Deutsch
Verlag Young Austria magazine publisher (Austria)
Headquarters Innsbruck
First edition 1934
Frequency of publication 11 times a year
editor Mag. Werner Michael Madl
chief Executive Officer Mag. Werner Michael Madl
Weblink www.lehrerservice.at/jo/jostart.php
ZDB 2375895-8

is an Austrian school magazine for the 5th and 6th grade. It includes reading material on the subjects of the environment and nature, literature and history, technology and science as well as articles on stars and the scene.


is a magazine of the educational media publisher "JUNGÖSTERREICH" Zeitschriftenverlag GmbH & Co KG in Innsbruck. It is mainly distributed through schools. JÖ has been published under this title - in A4 format - since the 1988/89 school year. Previously it was called Young Austria and had a smaller format of about 22 × 15 cm. The owner, publisher and publisher of what was then Young Austria was the Wagner'sche Universitätsbuchdruckerei Buchroithner & Co, the delivery was handled by the Jungösterreich publishing house. According to information in Impressen from 1976 and 1986 it saw itself as a school magazine of the Austrian Youth Red Cross and most recently asYouth magazine of the Austrian Youth Red Cross with the participation of the Austrian Youth Book Club . [1]

The participation of the Austrian Youth Red Cross and the Book Club of Youth , [2] ended in 2019. Since the 2019/20 school year, both have jointly published their own student magazines. [3] Since September 2019, JÖ has been published together with SOS Children's Villages Austria and WWF Austria . [4]

Individual evidence

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