János Libényi - János Libényi

The assassination attempt on Emperor Franz Joseph I on February 18, 1853. Oil painting v. JJ Reiner, 1853

János Libényi (baptized December 8, 1831 in Csákvár ; † February 26, 1853 in Favoriten near Vienna ) was a Hungarian tailor who committed an assassination attempt on the Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph I in 1853 .


During the Hungarian Revolution of 1848/1849 he worked as a military tailor for the rebels. From 1851 he lived in Vienna.

During a walk by Emperor Franz Joseph on the Carinthian Bastion on February 18, 1853, Libényi tried to stab him in the neck with a knife, but it slipped on the collar of his dragoon uniform and only slightly injured the emperor. Before Libenyi could stab a second time, he was overwhelmed by the imperial adjutant Maximilian O'Donell and the rushing butcher Josef Ettenreich .

During the trial, Libényi confessed to being a lone perpetrator and gave hatred of the emperor as the motive for the bloody suppression of the revolution in Hungary in 1848/1849. He was sentenced to death by hanging. On February 26, 1853 he was executed on the cross by the spinner .

The Simmeringer Haide is often incorrectly stated as the place of execution. The reason for this is a mocking song that begins with the line Auf der Simmeringer Had ', hat's an Schneider betrayed . However, this song originally comes from the Nestroy piece Thirty Years from the Life of a Rag and was only rewritten in a few places by the Viennese, as János Libényi was also a tailor.