Jägerbataillon 292 - Jägerbataillon 292

Jägerbataillon 292
— JgBtl 292 —

JgBtl 292.jpg

Internal association badge
Lineup 1993
State Flag of Germany.svg Germany
Armed forces armed forces
Armed forces Bundeswehr Logo Heer with lettering.svg Lord
Branch of service Hunter
Type Intervention forces
Strength approx. 900 soldiers
Insinuation COA DEU-FRA Brig.svg Franco-German Brigade
Location Donaueschingen
Awards Flag of Baden-Württemberg.svg Flag ribbon
Baden-Württemberg (2001)
Web presence JgBtl 292
commander Lieutenant Colonel Sandro Brandt
deputy commander Lieutenant Colonel Jörn Deigner

The Jägerbataillon 292 ( JgBtl 292 ) was put into service in 1993 in the Oberfeldwebel-Schreiber-Kaserne in Immendingen in Baden-Württemberg and was made up of the Jägerbataillon 552 in Böblingen and the Panzergrenadierbataillon 292 in Immendingen. It is subordinate to the Franco-German Brigade . In the course of 1993 the battalion moved to the Fürstenberg barracks in Donaueschingen , where it is still stationed today. The heavy company is in Stetten on the cold market.


A sniper of Jäger Battalion 292 during a 2015 exercise in Lithuania

The Jäger Battalion 292 is divided into a supply and support company, three hunter companies and a heavy hunter company .

The combat companies consist of a total of four platoons as well as the company command group , a company sergeant troop, a supply troop and the technical troop. The first to third platoons are infantry platoons from three groups each (two NCOs with portepee and eight soldiers) and a platoon troop . The fourth, (heavy) infantry platoon is equipped with heavy infantry weapons such as grenade machine guns and MILAN anti-tank weapons . He is the sniper group subordinate to the company. This supports the fighter platoons in battle.

The fifth (up to 2006 sixth) (heavy) company includes the 120 mm mortar (eight M 113 barrel mortars ), the anti-tank platoon (six Wiesel with TOW ), the machine gun platoon (six Wiesel with MK 20 ), the reconnaissance platoon ( six Wiesel and two LKW gl Wolf) as well as the fire support train with the Joint Fire Support Coordination Team (JFSCT) and four Joint Fire Support Teams (JFST). The former sixth (until 2006 fifth) company was the battalion's operations and support company, which carried out the main task of basic trainingperceived. This was carried out in three moves. She continued to provide the security and support platoon, the structure and order of which essentially corresponded to that of the light infantry platoons in the combat companies. Within the stationing concept in 2011 , the sixth company was dissolved at the end 2012th [1]



Hand weapons :

The 292 Jäger Battalion is equipped with the Infantryman of the Future system.

Description of coat of arms

Golden oak leaves and a green background are typical symbols of the hunters' troops . Three stag antlers can already be found in the coat of arms of the noble house of Württemberg , which has existed since 1080 . The yellow background refers to the coat of arms of the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg , in which the battalion is based.


The soldiers of the battalion are the only association in Germany to have shawls (French "foulard de compagnie") at their disposal as a sign of solidarity with the French. They indicate the affiliation to the respective company by company colors.

Losses (SFOR and ISAF)

As early as June 1997, the battalion recorded the first loss of life. During the SFOR deployment of the 2nd Company, a corporal from Freiburg and a NCO from Güstrow , who were just preparing for a patrol in the Rajlovac camp, were fatally triggered by an accidental burst of fire from a 20 mm on-board cannon through projectiles and metal splinters Another corporal seriously wounded.

As part of the ISAF operation, Corporal Sergej Motz was killed on April 29, 2009 near the Kunduz military camp during a firefight with insurgents. Four other members of the battalion were wounded. [2]

Individual evidence

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