Jesus reyes - Jésus Reyes

Jesus reyes
Personal information
Birth 19 ??
Maracaibo , Venezuela
Death 1966
Maracaibo , Venezuela
nationality Venezuelan
Professional information
Occupation Musician and composer View and modify data on Wikidata

Jesús Ángel Reyes (The popular little king) ( Maracaibo , Venezuela 19 ?? - 1966), is a denomination of his admirers of the time; Musician, composer, guitarist and poet. Creator of musical works as "Maracaibo at Night" [ 1 ] [ 2 ]

Biographical notes

Jesús Ángel Reyes is a famous popular Zulian troubadour musician, he lived his musical career exalting the landscape with intimate sincerity and singing in his creations to the Zulian nature and to the night decked out with Catatumbo lightning .

Composer, poet, singer and guitarist, he was one of the first Zulianos to sing before a radio microphone, during the first half of the twentieth century. As a true Marabino, he felt a great identification with the Zulia bagpipe, which he promoted throughout his life, serving as an example and inspiration for many of the famous piper groups of the sixties to rise to popularity. He was the forerunner in the Christmas record industry. He belonged to different associations of musicians in the state, being a particularly prominent member of the Association of Musicians and Artists of the Zulia State .

As a composer he widely developed the genres of dance and bagpipes. His most famous dance was inspired by his homeland, "Maracaibo at night", which together with other works such as "La Guitarra de mi Lago" and "Carcajadas", "Reyito", write the Zulianos who remember him with great appreciation "the man who wrote our music with immense devotion, singer of our land, which is already part of the Venezuelan musical heritage. "The tenor Mario Suárez , adopted, to include it in his dense repertoire, the dance" Maracaibo at night. "

Maracaibo at Night

Author: Jesús Reyes (Reyito the People) [ 3 ]

  • Maracaibo at night, from afar,
  • the more beautiful you look, the more attractive,
  • seeing the great Catatumbo with its reflections
  • from time to time kissing your chaste forehead. (Bis)
  • Maracaibo at night, whoever sees you
  • by air, land or sea, well it recreates,
  • to finish, I repeat these words:
  • Zulia flashes at night! (Bis)


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