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Jörg Armbruster at the award ceremony of the Hanns-Joachim-Friedrich-Prize 2013

Hans Jörg Armbruster (born November 22, 1947 in Tübingen ) is a German journalist . Until the end of 2012 he was the ARD correspondent for the Near and Middle East .


Armbruster studied social sciences , political science , economics , theater studies and linguistics in Cologne from 1968 to 1973 before starting his five-year working period in the radio department at Westdeutscher Rundfunk. At the same time as this work at WDR (1974–1978), he was teaching at the University of Applied Sciences for Social Work in Cologne. In 1979 he moved to Heidelberg for the Süddeutscher Rundfunk (SDR) , where he worked as a reporter and presenter for radio until 1982.

In 1982 he switched to television and was employed there in Mannheim as a reporter and presenter for the SDR until 1986. He continued his television career with Süddeutscher Rundfunk. Until 1988 as editor for domestic politics, as foreign correspondent and editor until 1994 and 1995–1998 head of the foreign department of the SDR. When ARD correspondent he worked from 1999 to July 2005 in the area Middle East / Middle East with headquarters in Cairo . Since the beginning of the Iraq war, however, he was mostly in Baghdad .

From September 2005 he headed the foreign / Europe department at Südwestrundfunk and moderated the ARD magazine Weltspiegel until January 2010 . From August 1, 2010 he was again ARD correspondent for the Middle East based in Cairo. Random witness of contemporary history was Armbruster there with his coverage of the Egyptian Revolution of 2011 , as the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak of 11 February 2011 during a live broadcast evening news to Armbruster became known. He commented on the sudden cheers from the balcony while the camera panned from there into the crowd. [1]

In connection with the Syria conflict, Jörg Armbruster also reported from Damascus , where his journalistic work only took place under the supervision of the regime: filming and interviews were only possible with the consent of the Syrian Ministry of Information. [2]

The last time he moderated the Weltspiegel on December 9, 2012. [3] In January 2013, he handed over the management of the ARD foreign studio in Cairo to Volker Schwenck . On March 29, 2013, Armbruster was shot in Aleppo , northern Syria , and taken to Turkey after an emergency operation. Armbruster got into an exchange of fire together with SWR radio reporter Martin Durm while filming the documentary Between War and Peace - The New Middle East [4] . [5] On April 1, 2013 Armbruster went to rehab at the Stuttgart Clinic . [6]He continues to write political analyzes of the situation in the Arab world, including for vorwaerts.de . [7]


On April 2, 1989, Jörg Armbruster received the German-French Journalist Prize of the Saarland Broadcasting Corporation for the internal policy editorial office .

In 2004 Jörg Armbruster and Arnim Stauth were nominated for the German TV Prize for their documentary Torture in the Name of Freedom .

Jörg Armbruster received the Hanns-Joachim-Friedrichs Prize for TV Journalism in 2013 and, together with Martin Durm, the Prize for the Freedom and Future of the Media awarded by the Leipzig Media Foundation . [8th]

At the award ceremony of the Bavarian Television Prize on May 22, 2015, Jörg Armbruster received the Bavarian Prime Minister's Honorary Prize for his life's work.


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