Jörg Flecker - Jörg Flecker

Jörg Flecker (* 1959 in Graz ) is an Austrian social scientist .

Jörg Flecker studied commercial science from 1978 at the Vienna University of Economics and Business , which he completed in 1983. Subsequently, he completed a postgraduate course in sociology at the Institute for Advanced Studies until 1985 . Later he was a research assistant in the sociology department of this institute. In 1989 he received a doctorate in social and economic sciences with a dissertation on the subject of corporate social relations and the use of technology .

In 1991 Flecker had a stay abroad as a lecturer and visiting researcher at the University of Central Lancashire in Preston , Great Britain, with a focus on international comparative organizational research. In that year he became scientific director of the Research and Advice Center for the World of Work (FORBA) in Vienna. He was involved in setting up this institute and is currently a member of the board.

After his habilitation in 2003 at the University of Vienna in economic sociology , Flecker has been professor of general sociology at the Institute for Sociology at the University of Vienna since March 2013.

His main research interests include international employment systems, value chains and work processes.

Publications (selection)

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