Jörg Karaschewski - Jörg Karaschewski

The German flag researcher Jörg Karaschewski in 2015 at the German Vexillologentag in Bremerhaven

Jörg Michael Karaschewski (born October 3, 1967 in Bierden , Germany ) is a German flag researcher (vexillologist), editor and author of flag-related articles and books. The focus of his work is on German flag history.


Karaschewski was born in Bierden and grew up there. From 1984 to 1987 he learned the profession of banker and worked for various banks in Bremen until 2017. Since 2017 he has been employed as a project financier in a renewable energy company in Bremen .

He is married and has three children.

Flag customer

Karaschewski is one of the founding fathers of the German Flagship Association (DGF), whose founding statutes he drafted. At the founding meeting on February 4, 1995, Karaschewski was elected the company's first president and treasurer. He was a member of the board of the German Flag Society until September 18, 2005, as treasurer. [1] His first article appeared in Flaggenkurier, the DGF magazine.

Karaschewski has been working in Germany for the Thai National Flag Museum in Bangkok since 2014 . He supports the museum in finding information and searching for artefacts. [2] [3] [4] Karaschewski's book "The History of the Bremen Flag" was significantly supported by a lot of information and flag boards in the museum.


Article in the flag courier

  • The German Vexillologentreffen and the beginnings of the German Flag Society, May 1995.
  • The Federal Post Office Flag, the end of an era, January 1996.
  • The flag of Tanga, May 1996.
  • Flag days in Germany, November 1997.
  • The flag of the Ralik Islands, December 2002.
  • A hall of fame for the emperor's flags: the flags of the Reichs-Marine-Sammlung in the Museum für Meereskunde, Berlin, May 2013.

Article at Spiegel Online


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