Jörg Kölderer - Jörg Kölderer

Jörg Kölderer: The Innsbruck armory around 1507

Jörg Kölderer (* around 1465/70 in Weiler Hof near Inzing , Tyrol ; † July 1540 in Innsbruck , Tyrol) was court painter from 1494 and then from 1518 also court architect of Emperor Maximilian I.

Kölderer provided preliminary work for the Ehrenpforte , which Albrecht Dürer then put into practice.

His birthplace, the Wanner Hof, still exists. Benedikt Kuby filmed the handover of the farm by the last farmer in 2013. [1]

The roll of arms created by Jörg Kölderer is the so-called Kölder roll with 39 figures including their arms for the tomb of Maximilian I in Innsbruck and can be seen in the Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien, Kunstkammer [2] .


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