Jörg Nigge - Jörg Nigge

Jörg Daniel Nigge (* 26. April 1974 in Minden ) is a German politician of the CDU and Mayor of the Lower Saxon town of Celle . [1]


Jörg Nigge graduated from high school in 1993 . He then became a professional officer in the Bundeswehr . He went to the USA for his aviation training and then studied economics and organizational sciences. He received a scholarship in the USA and completed two further training courses in New York . He then qualified for general staff training in the Bundeswehr. [2]

In 2008 Jörg Nigge was awarded the General Heusinger Prize .

After completing his two-year training, he received an offer from the Hamburg Senate to work there in the financial sector. [2]

On September 25, 2016 he just won the runoff election with 50.7% against the previous SPD office holder Dirk-Ulrich Mende and has been Lord Mayor of Celle since February 24, 2017. [1]

Jörg Nigge is married to a lawyer and has three children. [2]

Plagiarism allegation 2016 election campaign

In the course of the mayoral election in Celle in 2016, Jörg Nigge was accused of having written off large parts of his election manifesto by the Cologne mayor Henriette Reker . [3] In some cases, entire text passages were taken over word for word. The correspondence was first established by the Celle city magazine "Revista". In the areas of environment, mobility and diversity in particular, only the city name of Cologne was sometimes replaced with the name of Celle. [4] Nigge himself commented calmly when asked. He was "not too bad to let other good approaches flow into his own concepts as useful additions". [4]

Individual evidence

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