Jörg Paffrath - Jörg Paffrath

Jörg Paffrath (born January 4, 1967 in Cologne ) is a former professional cyclist who started a doping scandal in Germany in 1997 when he confessed to doping. [1]

Life and Sports Career

As an amateur, he started for the PSV Köln club. [2] His greatest sporting achievements was the victory in the Tour of Bavaria in 1990. Paffrath was in June 1996 at the German Championships tested positive and received a lock of 6 months. In the same year he ended his career. In 1997, Paffrath publicly admitted that he had been doping with a total of 24 different drugs for four years. [3] In 1998, Paffrath received a lifelong ban from the Association of German Cyclists , which it justified with the damage to image caused by Paffrath's statement. [4]A request for mercy made by Paffrath in 2001 was rejected without justification, another, submitted in 2003, ultimately led to the suspension being lifted. [5]

Paffrath later worked as a building cleaner . [1]





Individual evidence

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