Jörg Reymann - Jörg Reymann

Jörg Reymann (* 1969 in Kiel ) is a German comic artist and graphic artist . After a temporary stay in Erlangen, he has lived and worked in Kiel again since 2006.


After school, Jörg Reymann (alias Ørg) trained as a building fitter . He worked as such for a few years before he decided to turn his passion, drawing, into a profession and self-employed as an artist . He also earned some money as an undertaker and created artistic objects in the Barazumato joint workshop near Kiel.

In 1994 he got to know Rötger Feldmann alias Brösel, whom from then on he not only supported the Werner books with drawings but also the associated merchandising articles, and he also worked on the films.

Reymann's own characters, the two dogs Dex & Dogfort , made themselves popular through comic strips in the Kieler Nachrichten and multi-page comic stories in the Wieselflink magazine . The strips appeared in 1998, collected in the book Dex & Dogfort: Fish with Bones, published by Achterbahn Verlag , which two years later also released the album Dex & Dogfort: - Showtime , in which the main characters demonstrated for the first time that they had potential for longer stories to have. After a guest appearance in the book Werner: Volle Latte, another album followed in 2004, Dex & Dogfort: Schlachthofgiganten , at Ehapa-Publishing company. A collection of the short comics from the Wieselflink magazines will also appear here.

Reymann's last comic book to date, Atze Schröder - Der Comic , is based on Atze Schröder's comedy programs . He also illustrated Mario Barth's book Deutsch-Frau / Frau-Deutsch .


Dex & Dogfort

  • 1996 - 2004 - Various short comic stories in the Wieselflink magazine (Ach & Krach)
  • 1998 - Dex & Dogfort: fish with bones (roller coaster)
  • 2000 – Dex & Dogfort: Showtime (Achterbahn)
  • 2004 - Dex & Dogfort: Slaughterhouse giants (Limited edition for the International Comic Salon Erlangen , Ehapa)
  • 2004 - Dex & Dogfort: slaughterhouse giants (Ehapa)


  • 1994 - Werner: Who brakes is afraid (Volume 8)
  • 1996 – Werner: Na also! (Band 9)
  • 1998 - Werner: Exgummibur! (Volume 10)
  • 2002 - Werner: Full Latte (Volume 11)


  • 2004 - Atze Schröder - The comic

Contributions in edited volumes

  • 1993 - A book ?? You assholes! (Bread roll)
  • 1994 - The stormy north (roller coaster)
  • 1997 - Barschel - Ways in the tub (roller coaster)
  • 1999 - This is life in 2000 (roller coaster)