Jörg Ruhloff - Jörg Ruhloff

Jörg Ruhloff (born November 22, 1940 in Königsberg ; † December 3, 2018 ) was a German professor for general and historical education at the Bergische Universität Wuppertal .


Jörg Ruhloff grew up in Königsberg and then went to study at the Universities of Erlangen-Nuremberg and Vienna . In the same place it was in 1965 with a thesis on Paul Natorp foundation of the pedagogy of Dr. phil. PhD . His doctoral supervisor was Marian Heitger . Ruhloff was initially an assistant to Wolfgang Fischer in Nuremberg. In 1975, he received his first call to a lectureship at the University of Comprehensive University of Duisburg . [1] 1979 habilitated to Ruhloff with the monograph The unsolved norm problem of pedagogy. In the same year he was offered a professorship for systematic and historical pedagogy at the then comprehensive university in Wuppertal . Ruhloff held this position until his retirement in 2006. In Wuppertal he worked with Irmintraut Hegele and Michele Borelli ( German contemporary pedagogy in three volumes, 1993–1998) and continued his colloquia in retirement . In 2003, Ruhloff was awarded an honorary doctorate from the Humboldt University in Berlin . [2]Until his death, Jörg Ruhloff continued to research and publish despite his illness. He died at the age of 78. [3] [4]


Ruhloff stood in the tradition of the so-called Petzelt School , which is committed to a principle-based pedagogy. [5] In this sense, Immanuel Kant is an important point of reference in Ruhloff's work. In addition to writings on aesthetic education and sex education , Ruhloff's research interests were primarily systematic questions. Reason , criticism , skepticism and conflict were recurring topoi in Ruhloff's writings, his habilitation thesis The unsolved norm problem of pedagogy is likely to be his most famous publication(1979) apply. In it, Ruhloff established the transcendental-critical-skeptical method, the problematic use of reason of which can be regarded as canonical in educational theory informed educational science . In the current debate about the educational reform of schools and universities - Ruhloff showed himself to be the sharp critic of these - this text is receiving continuous reception. Several contributions by Ruhloff in the 2000s accordingly address the relationship between educational policy, educational theory and educational research. [3]

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