Jörg Strenger - Jörg Strenger

Jörg Strenger (born July 5, 1948 ) is a former racing cyclist and German cycling manager .


In the mid-1960s he was active as a cyclist in the SC DHfK Leipzig as a rail and road driver. In 1967 he contested the GDR tour and finished the race 51st in the overall classification. [1] Strenger was at the time of the German Democratic Republic major of the Ministry for State Security [2] and in this position at the MfS district administration in Leipzig in Department XX. There the “safeguarding of the state apparatus, state institutions, church and culture” was one of his areas of responsibility. [3] His department was also supervising theGerman University for Physical Culture and Sport (DHfK) and the Research Institute for Physical Culture and Sport . He was head of the MfS working group “Actions and Deployments” and as such was also responsible for the gymnastics and sports festivals of the GDR in Leipzig. In 1989 Strenger had 95 employees in his department. [4]

Between 2001 and 2005 Strenger was manager of the Wiesenhof cycling team . [5] He was instrumental in building the Milram team , [6] by establishing contact with the Nordmilch company . [7] In September 2005, Strenger was introduced as the manager of the new team, but was dismissed a few days later, [6] as Strenger was "a constituent part of the inhuman system" in the GDR, according to the CEO of Nordmilch. [7] Strenger stated that he did not hide his past from anyone. [8th]

From 1997 to 2004 Strenger worked for the International Peace Tour as a co-organizer and marketing officer. [5] He was credited with securing the survival of the race by attracting donors. According to the newspaper Die Welt , Strenger was, alongside Täve Schur and Volker Mattausch, the savior of the peace drive that existed until 2006. [2] With its sporting and marketing agency was Strenger organizers of cycling races, including the German road championship in 2006 and from 2009 the Tour de Sandanski in Bulgaria . [5] Furthermore Des he led together with Olaf LudwigTours for recreational cyclists in Bulgaria and on the Baltic Sea. [9]

He was manager of the dairy company cream Böhm GmbH and from 2008 the company's managing partner Fresh Cream Böhm GmbH, [10] a commercial agency for food and other goods. [11]

Individual evidence

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