Jörg Swoboda - Jörg Swoboda

Jörg Swoboda (born January 5, 1947 in Berlin ) is a German Baptist pastor , emeritus theology lecturer, Christian songwriter and evangelist .


Jörg Swoboda completed a theological training from 1967 to 1971 at the former Evangelical Free Church Theological Seminary in Buckow (Märkische Schweiz) . A vicariate followed in Lichtenstein . From 1973 to 1981 he was youth pastor of the Evangelical Free Churches Association in the GDR and then taught as a lecturer for evangelism, Greek and church history at the Buckower Seminar. [1] From 1989 until its closure in 1991 he was its director. [2] When the theological seminars in Hamburg were merged after reunification, he began his service as a federal evangelist inall-German confederation , which he held until his retirement in 2012. [3] After the German reunification he was active in Buckow (Märkische Schweiz) from 1990 to 1993 for an electoral period as head of the city council, as he was considered politically unencumbered and trustworthy [4] and is still active there as an arbitrator and justice of the peace . [5]

After the unification of the two German Evangelical Free Churches, he initially worked in the supra-congregational service of his free church . Today Swoboda works as an evangelist and also works as a singer-songwriter and guest lecturer at theological training centers at home and abroad. He also became known through his evangelistic collaboration with the Evangelical Lutheran pastor and evangelist Theo Lehmann . Swoboda was a member of the main board of the German Evangelical Alliance for six years, was a member of the board of the evangelical association ProChrist [6] until 2011 and was chairman of the from December 2012 to December 2019German Evangelist Conference . [7] [8]

song writer

His songs, the texts of which were often written in collaboration with Theo Lehmann, have found widespread non-denominational distribution, for example in the song books of the Celebrations Jesus series. Several of his songs can also be found in Fieren & Loben , the new hymn book of the Evangelical Free Churches. Stylistically, his works move between ballad, country , Dixieland, blues and folk song. [9]


Jörg Swoboda is married to Inge, a family therapist. The couple has four children and lives in Buckow (Märkische Schweiz) .




  • Between Tür und Angel 1988 (as MC with Oncken-Verlag / ERF-Verlag ; as LP with Diakonisches Werk / Evangelisationsdienst Heise-Soldan 1989)
  • Heaven is loose on earth , Brockhaus Zurich 1992
  • Silence in the storm , Kawohl Verlag 1996
  • Open-minded , Felsenfest 2000
  • Flensburg , Jörg Breddermann 2003
  • with Sir Gusche Band : Straßen des Himmels , Metropol Records 2005
  • Strength and Clarity , SDG 2006 (17 sing along with PDF music files)
  • Mother, father, child , Felsenfest / Brockhaus 2003 (Mini-CD)
  • Your horoscope is hocus-pocus , SDG 2006 (Mini-CD)
  • We are the Kneipp daycare children , self-published 2007 (Mini-CD)
  • From man, woman and child , SDG-Verlag & Ostwind-Musik 2016

In addition, contributions to various LPs and CDs

Well-known songs (selection)

  • Move out of the way! Clean up!
  • Wrap me completely in your calm
  • Hearts that are cold as hard money
  • That your word (takes strong roots in my heart)
  • You have given me courage so many times (I thank you my god)
  • Fly on the wings of joy
  • Get to the bottom of my soul
  • Jesus, I'll take your word for it now
  • Cross bird
  • When conscience accuses us
  • Follow God Risks Your Dreams (Trust in the Lord Forever)
  • Flensburg, Flensburg, you are my place of destiny
  • Lord at the end of this day
  • We are the Kneipp daycare children from Abendrothsee
  • Tina
  • We could do it, Kristin
  • Today was like the first morning


  • Claudia Atts, Jörg Swoboda: I've had enough songs. The songwriter Jörg Swoboda invites you to sing along , in: Die Gemeinde. The magazine of the Federation of Evangelical Free Churches (without ISSN, ZDB -ID 1157992-4 ), No. 17 of August 5, 2007, pp. 10-11.


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